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Texas by; nevaeh

No description


on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Texas by; nevaeh

Texas by; nevaeh
texas makes there money by making ships,and cars, and farm equipment and computers so next time you want one of these things make sure you go to texas !!!!
fun location
my fun location is fun central because it is a great place for kids to have fun!!!!!!!
fun facts

state bird mocking bird
the capital of texas is austin!! . abbreviation Tx. governor ricky perry. ricky perry is 64 years old. ricky perry was elected to be governor in 1998. ricky perry was born march 4th 1950.!!!!!!! ricky perry has to kids named sydney perry and griffin perry!!!!!!!!.
state tree pecan tree . state flower blue bonnet. state insect monarch butterfly . state dish chilli.. state fruit red grape .state vegetable sweet onion. state sport rodeo. state dance sqaure danceing. state song texas our texas our texas. state snack tortillachips and salsa.
this is a geographic map of texas!!!!!!
this is a elevation map
this is a phyical map
this is a climate map

road trip distance !!!!!
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