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Treasure Map

No description

Joel Macareno

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Treasure Map

to good writing skills Treasure Map step 3 step 1: brainstorming step 2: revise step 3: criticism step 4: exploring
other styles of writing *helps make your writing more creative and visual
*makes your writing unique
*easier flow and transition of ideas
*write ideas down to visualize thoughts
*do some pre-research to enhance ideas ** also helps with breaking the mold or pattern Robert Root talked about in The Experimental Art. *revise your own work with an open and fresh mind

**have other peers revise your work. *choose what criticism to take and which to disregard

**learn how to make it better but still keep that
ingredient that makes the piece your own

*make sure it flows well all in all

*accepting god or bad criticism is a stepping stone
to perfecting a paper/project. *not everyone will be an amazing poet, or creative writer.
*everyone has a different strength IMPROVING In writting, there is always room for improvement. There is no mold or outline. It's more of an Art. You will always find new treasure.. **shitty first drafts *try new forms/styles of writing to enhance your type of writing.
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