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Summary of the Major Conflicts (1776-1814)

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Sumaya Soufi

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Summary of the Major Conflicts (1776-1814)

Summary of the Major Conflicts (1776-1814)
1776 - The United States declare independence from British rule, the American Revolution initiates, and the Loyalists commence their migration north.
1776 - United Empire Loyalists began their migration North for Canada.

1789 - George Washington was now the first president of the United States in 1789.

1790 - United Empire Loyalists make up about 10% of the Quebec population.

1791 - Many of the Loyalists have finished settling and are pleading the British to have British rule again so the British established the Constitutional Act of 1791 which separated Quebec to Upper and Lower Canada and established some new rules as well.
1812 - After constant attacks from the United States (triggered from Napoleonic Wars) , British asked Loyalists, Canadiens and Mi’kmaq (and other First Nations) to work as allies in helping defend their country. So the War of 1812 commenced.

1814 - The Canadiens, First Nations, Loyalists, and British agreed to sign many treaties to end the war including the Treaty of Ghent. They also started the border line at the 49th parallel so that neither Americans nor Canadians could pass the border.
1784 - Britain divided Nova Scotia into different colonies including St. Johns.
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