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Sophia Moore

on 13 December 2016

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Survey Conclusion
Out of 11 respondents:
74.1% have experience with liquid lipsticks
The most popular brand among those asked was NYX
The most important feature was that the lipstick was both matte and long lasting
36.4% of those asked would pay $20 for their ideal liquid lipstick
54.5% have no preference when it comes to buying in-store or online
The most popular colour family among those asked was nude shades
87.3% of respondeants believed that they were among the masses when asked where they fall on the scale
This trend has actually led to other online trends such as the "Full Face Using Only Liquid Lipsticks" and the "100 Layers of Liquid Lipstick" challenges from prominent Youtubers such as NikkieTutorials, Jeffree Starr, Mayra Garcia, and Manny MUA
This product has been through the innovator and early adoption stage and is now at the masses because you can buy a liquid lipstick almost anywhere. It rose pretty fast because of promotions on Instagram and other social media.
Celebrities were not in the innovator stage like they normally are but instead they were among the early adopters. This was because of how different it was to the traditional solid lipsticks and the innovators were actually makeup artists who weren't afraid to experiment with something different.
I believe that it will take a while for these to go out of trend because of how revolutionary they are and how quickly they moved through the stages.
Liquid Lipsticks

Sophia Moore
Retail Buying and Selling pd 6

From Maybelline to MAC to Marc Jacobs, everyone has a liquid lipstick. In late 2015 and 2016 liquid lipstick, which applies like a gloss but dries matte, became popular with brands such as Lime Crime, Colourpop and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

The most common packaging isin a tube, applied with an applicator wand. They come in colors like classic reds, fun purples, neutral nude shades, and vampy blacks. While the the most popular finish is matte, brands have started to branch out to metallic and satin finishes.

Currently the liquid lipstick trend is in its peak phase because you can find it in major beauty retailers (Sephora, Ulta), drugstore brands (Maybelline, L'oreal), and even from major fashion designers/celebrities (Kylie Jenner, Marc Jacobs).
Works Cited
As as consumer of liquid lipsticks, I think that I fall in the masses because I found it after seeing it in multiple stores and featured on various social media.

I believe that my placement on the target market scale does change because of the people I surround myself with or follow on social media. The stores I shop at also tend to change where I fall on the scale. Depending on what my personal style is at the moment will also affect where I fall on the scale.
For this assignment I chose to create a survey so I could get a wider perspective when it came to this topic. The questions on the survey asked what experience the respondents had with the product and some well known brands, as well as what they looked for in a liquid lipstick, and what shade they would be most inclined to buy. The survey asked what price they would be willing to pay for an ideal liquid lipstick. Lastly the survey questioned where they think they fall on the target market scale when it comes to liquid lipsticks.

Beauty Trends – Liquid Lipstick

A Full Annalysis of 10 Different Matte Liquid Lipsticks at All Price Points

Youtube Videos
100 COATS OF LIQUID LIPSTICK By mayratouchofglam:
https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlK8wzxZA9Q

https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lPg4Ur4LmM

https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcw3drrDf18
Impact on the Scale
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