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Cupid & Psyche

No description

Mahek Marker

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of Cupid & Psyche

By Mahek, Danica, Sunny, Breanna, and Asia
Cupid and Psyche
Inciting Incident
Psyche is very beautiful
Aphrodite is jealous of her.
Men worship Psyche instead of Aphrodite because of her beauty.
First Conflict
Psyche's sisters are jealous of her life with her new husband.
They convince Psyche that Cupid is an "evil monster"(Coolidge 50).
They tell Psyche to bring a knife and cut off his head while he is sleeping.
Psyche went to go kill her husband and found out that he is Cupid.
Cupid has to leave Psyche because she is unfaithful.
Analyzing Psyche
"indeed, so dazzling was Psyche that men came not too woo her but worship her" (Coolidge 43)
"Did not the oracle of Apollo warn you that you would marry a fearful monster?...With that she and her sister wept so convincingly that Psyche was almost terrfied out of her wits" (Coolidge 48-49)
Minor Characters In Cupid and Psyche
Sisters: minor characters, flat, and static characters
They deceive Psyche into believing her husband is an evil monster.
Cupid leaves Psyche because she is unfaithful to him.
Archetypes of Cupid and Psyche
Damsel in distress
True love conquers all
Good triumphs over evil
Life always ends in happily ever after
Second Conflict
Aphrodite sets up multiple tasks for Psyche to complete.
One task is to draw water from the poisonous river, Styx.
Cupid aids Psyche in completing her task.
Zeus sends an eagle to draw the water.
Climax for Cupid and Psyche
Psyche is tempted and opens the box filled with the Queen of the Underworld's beauty.
Psyche falls into death-like sleep.
Purpose and Function
Trust your loved ones and never doubt them for they will always remain loyal.
Listen to your heart because others may deceive you.
Women need the help of men like Psyche needs Cupid.
Beauty is important.
Men can overthrow women's opinions.
Marriage had to be consented by a a male superior, such as Zeus
They worshiped their gods with gifts and the gods were significant to them.
They believed in everything the gods told them.
Gods will punish the mortals who try to test or overthrow them.
Trust in the gods.
Trust in your loved ones.
Allusions and Skit
Work Cited
Coolidge, Olivia. Ed. "Cupid and Psyche" Greek Myths. New York, NY: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1977.
43-58. Print
Thanks for Listening
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