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Nancy Butts

No description

Macklin Curtis

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Nancy Butts

Cleveland, Ohio.
Nancy Butts was born in Cleveland, Ohio in the year 1955. Nancy grew up in Texas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Virginia. Nancy graduated Duke University with a degree in religion and trained as a physician's assistant, before she went to Georgia and became a journalist. Nancy is married to Don Butts, a college professor. Nancy has a son, Evan Butts, who is a black belt in karate. Nancy also lives with three dogs.
Hmm... Interesting
To me Nancy Butts is interesting, because of one particular book. This book is one of my absolute favorites without a doubt. I'm talking about
A Door in the Lake.
This book is not only about a child abduction, but an Extra Terrestrial, also known as alien, child abduction. This book is also, as I said before, a Young Adult Novel. Because of this, it is a very good reading level for me. It also somewhat relates to many people, although, of coarse not with the "alien" abduction part, or the abduction part at all. How it relates to some people is when they are away for a bit and when they come back, a lot of things are different. Nancy is also interesting because, instead of putting something related to this book on the back cover, she puts a description of
Chesire Moon
on the back cover.
For me,
The Door in the Lake
had the effect of making me interested in Science Fiction, or Sci-Fi. I do not know anybody else who has read any of her books, so I do not know Nancy effected anybody else. Although I have been trying to get people to read this book.
Her Work
Nancy first decided she wanted to be a writer after she read Madeleine L’Engle’s
A Wrinkle in Time
in fifth grade. She got her first work published, a poem, when she was eleven.
Nancy has written, three books, the titles are:
The Door in the Lake, Spontaneous Combustion: A Writer’s Primer for Creative Revival,
Chesire Moon, with
her first being
Chesire Moon,
which was a Kansas Reading Circle nominee, 1997. The book:
The Door in the Lake
has been nominated for 2002 Maud Hart Lovelace children’s book award in Minnesota, 2002 Connecticut Nutmeg Children’s Book Award, 2001 Oklahoma Sequoyah Young Adult Book Award, and 2001 Florida Children’s Choice Book Award. The genres that she has written are: Non-Fiction (actually a writer's how to), and Young Adult Novel. Although,
The Door in the Lake
just screams "Science Fiction!" Nancy groups it as a Young Adult Novel.
Nothing to laugh about
Nancy Butts
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