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No description

Sunshine Melone

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Minecraft

A Southwolfseven production
Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, players built houses to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things.
It can also be about adventuring with friends or watching the sun rise over a pixelated ocean, which is beautiful. Brave players can battle horrible monsters in The Nether, which is more scary than pretty. You can also visit an island of giant mushrooms if it sounds more like something you'd enjoy. Basic Info Minecraft Mobs Mobs in Minecraft are living entities that interact with the game world in much the same way that players can.They respond to physics, and can be hurt or killed by catching on fire, drowning, suffocating, or falling, and they can also ride in minecarts.
Mobs are born by spawning.Players can spawn many mobs via spawn eggs in Creative mode. Most mobs are aware of players within 16 blocks of them, excepting Endermen, which can see you from 64 blocks away, and Ghasts, which can see you from 100 blocks away. Here are all the harmful and non-harmful mobs featured in Minecraft: Hostile Mobs Creeper Originally created from a coding bug,
creepers make a hissing noise when hit and explode when you approach them. Zombie Spawns in dimly lit areas and caves, starts on fire when in sunlight. Skeleton Shoots arrows at players if seen, spawns at night, in dimly lit areas, and in caves.When in sunlight,skeletons catch on fire. Spider Spiders have glowing red eyes and spawn in the same places as zombies and skeletons.When in sunlight, they won't attack a player unless they are provoked. Sometimes they will spawn with a skeleton riding on their backs.These are known as Spider Jockeys. Cave Spider Cave Spiders are blue-skinned and smaller than regular spiders.They are also much more dangerous, and their venom damages players for some time after they are killed. They only spawn in caves and are alot rarer than regular spiders. Slime Slimes spawn in the last 16 layers of the map, usually in wide caverns or mines.They can spawn in 4 sizes: Small, normal, big, and huge. Silverfish Silverfish may randomly pop out of stone blocks in strongholds when mined.These are referred to as Silverfish Stone.When silverfish come out, they attack players. Iron Golem Iron Golems can be found in villages, or made using iron blocks.They protect the villagers from other mobs that attack them.To show their friendliness, they may present a rose. Ghast Ghasts are big, floating mobs found in the Nether that shoot fireballs from their mouths.Although they will not likely spawn outside the Nether, there is a small chance they may spawn near the outside of Nether Portals. Enderman Endermen are tall, skinny, black, and come from the End World.They are often seen carrying blocks and will attack players if looked in the eye.A good way to prevent this is to wear a pumpkin over your head. Wolf Wolves are found in the wild and can be tamed using bones.Once a wolf has been tamed, players can make it sit or follow them.A tamed wolf sports a collar and will attack any thing that players are attacking.If a Wolf's master is attacked, it will fight the threat until it is gone or until the wolf has died.Hurt wolves can be healed with raw meat, and bred using cooked meat.Wild wolves will only attack if provoked, and if there are other wolves in the vicinity when it is attacked, the others will fight the threat with it. They cannot use Nether Portals. Zombie Pigman Zombie Pigmen spawn in the Nether or in the main world when lightning strikes a pig.They will only attack if provoked, and similar to wolves, all zombie pigmen in an area will attack anything that harms one of them. Witch Witches are hostile and look similar to villagers.They are seen often with bats all around them.Their houses usually look ominous, with lots of Jack-O-Lanterns and dimly lit places. Wither Withers are a floating boss mob similar to the EnderDragon.They are a very dark gray with 3 heads and a skeletal body. Wither Skeleton Wither skeletons spawn in Nether fortresses and are very dark gray.They are like normal skeletons except for instead of arrows, they carry a sword.When a player is hit by a wither skeleton, a poison effect occurs. Magma Cube Magma Cubes are found only in the Nether and are similar in shape to Slimes.The Cubes can only damage players if they manage to jump on top of them.Their jumping can be accurately described as spring-like. Blaze Blazes spawn in the Nether and have a smoking, fiery mass surrounding them.When attacking, they shoot 3 fireballs in a volley. EnderDragon EnderDragons are the boss mob of the game and are only found in the End World.When fighting it has 200 hit points but heals itself using the Ender Crystals nearby.Once the EnderDragon is defeated, the end credits will roll and players will respawn out of the End World. Non-Hostile mobs Bats Bats are passive and appear at night in large enclosed spaces like caverns.They are sometimes seen in close proximity to witches. Ocelot Ocelots are commonly found in jungle biomes, but can show up in other places.They can be tamed using raw fish.A tamed ocelot will follow a player around, but won't attack things that harm players, unlike wolves.Ocelots can be bred to create Cats. Cats Cats are the tamed, bred version of ocelots.If you tame and breed ocelots, cats will eventually be their children.They come in 3 colors: Orange, Tuxedo, and Siamese.They can be bred by right clicking them while holding raw fish. Squid Squid spawn in any depth and location of water.They do not attack, and will become immobile if forced onto land.When killed they drop ink sacs, which can be used to color wool. Cow Cows appear in grassy, well-lit areas and drop leather when killed.Milk and steaks can also be harvested from them.They will never attack, although they have the ability to nudge players. Mooshroom A Mooshroom is a red cow with mushrooms growing from its back.You can harvest Mushroom Stew from a mooshroom by right clicking on its body while holding a bowl.You can also harvest 2-5 mushrooms from it by using shears to clip them.This action will turn it into a normal cow. Chicken Chickens are passive and they will lay an egg every 4-5 minutes.Although it isn't highly likely, they have a 1 in 8 chance of spawning from a thrown egg. Pig Pigs are found in well lit areas and can be ridden using saddles.Riding off a cliff on a pig is considered an achievement.If killed by fire, it will drop a cooked porkchop instead of a raw one.When a pig is struck by lightning, it will turn into a Zombiepigman. Snow Golem Snow Golems are created by the player by stacking 2 snow blocks on top of each other, followed by a pumpkin.They throw snowballs at other mobs and leave a snow trail behind them. Villager Villagers are found in randomly generated villages.They are passive and have 6 professions in their society.Each profession has its own color:
Librarian (White robe)
Butcher (White apron)
Priest (Purple robe)
Farmer (Brown robe)
Blacksmith (Black apron)
Vanilla Villager (Green robe)
Depending on their profession, they may be willing to trade various things for Emeralds.If the village is a certain size, the villagers can mate and create children. Sheep Sheep are passive and can spawn with white, light gray, gray, dark gray, black, brown, or pink wool.Dyes can be directly applied to a sheep, and shearing a colored sheep will provide colored wool.Colored sheep may also be bred to produce colored offspring. The Nether The Nether is a hell-like dimension that can only be travelled to using a Nether Portal.It is made up of mostly Netherrack, with lots of lava and fire.There are also many mobs and blocks that are found exsclusively there, such as Ghasts and Magma Cubes.The Nether can also be used to travel long distances in the Overworld in short amounts of time.However, placing the portals can be tricky because any ditance travelled in the Overworld is multiplied by eight when travelling in the Nether. Nether Portals Nether Portals are created via the player by making a 4x5 rectangle out of obsidian and using a flint and steel to light it on fire. It can then be used to travel to the Nether World. Wolves cannot use these Portals. Breeding Breeding allows players to feed two animals of the same type a certain food to produce offspring. The food is different for each animal species, and when players hold that food, the animals will follow them once they are seen. When two animals breed, hearts float above their heads and they will "Kiss". When they are done, the hearts disappear and a baby animal appears between them. Baby animals are smaller, have oversized heads, make higher pitched sounds, and move faster than adults. Here are the various foods players will need to breed animals:
Sheep Wheat Cats Raw fish Wolves Raw Meat Pigs Carrot Chickens Wheat Seeds The End The End is an empty dimension containing one vast island made from a material called End Stone.This desert-like world is peppered with obsidian pillars. The End is also home to hordes upon hordes of Enderman, who spawn quite regularly in The End and more often than in the Overworld, and a single Enderdragon, which is the boss mob of the world. Defeating the Enderdragon Once a player enters The End, there is no way out except for death or the defeat of the Enderdragon. The Enderdragon is extremely hard to kill, so first players must be prepared.In The End Dimension, atop each obsidian pillar, is an Ender Crystal. The dragon uses these to heal itself, so to make it vulnerable they must be destroyed.They need to be hit somehow, but explode when hit, so they can be destroyed using arrows, snowballs, and even eggs.However, even with multiple players working together, the Enderdragon is very difficult to kill.when the Enderdragon is killed, it vaporizes and an exit portal will appear in its place, with an egg atop it.The end credits will roll, an achievement will be earned, and all players will be returned to the Overworld. Game Experience Multiple worlds can be created on Minecraft, which almost ensures that the fun never ends. A player can create as many worlds as he or she desires, and there are many modes that a player can use for a different experience. There are four game modes in Minecraft: Creative Mode, Survival Mode, Adventure Mode, and Hardcore Mode. Game modes can be changed at any time. Blocks Here are all the blocks present in Minecraft: Bedrock
Clay block
Coal Ore
Cracked Stone Brick
Diamond Ore
Emerald Ore
Glowstone Block
Gold Ore
Grass Block
Grass (Tall)
Gravel Ice
Iron Ore
Lapis Lazuli Ore
Monster Spawner
Mossy Stone Brick
Nether Brick
Nether Quartz Ore
Redstone Ore Sand
Dirt (Snow Covered)
Soul Sand
Stone (Mossy)
Stone (Smooth)
Webs (Spiderwebs)
Wood Brick Block
Brick Slab
Brick Stair
Clay Block
Clay Brick
Cobblestone Slab
Diamond Block
Emerald Block Glass
Gold Block
Iron Block
Lapis Lazuli Block
Nether Brick
Nether Brick Slab
Nether Quartz Slab
Nether Quartz Stairs
Nether Stairs
Quartz Block
Redstone Block Sandstone Slab
Sandstone Stairs
Snow Block
Stone Brick
Stone Brick Slab
Stone Brick Stairs
Stone Slab
Stone Stairs
Wood Slab
Wood Stairs
Wooden Plank
Crafting Table
Glass (Pane)
Iron Bar
Ladder Nether Fence
Redstone Comparator
Redstone Lamp
Herobrine Not much is known about him, just that he appears at random and kills players. One rumor about Herobrine is that he is Notch's (Notch, creator of Minecraft's) brother who died. Some say that Notch's brother did all the coding for Minecraft, but died before the game was completed. On a foggy or rainy night, or even in a cave, he may be spotted for an instant, although it is rare. He can appear at any time, anywhere. And he is watching...always. He is watching... Minecraft is full of more experiences,blocks and items, animals, and entire worlds that I can describe here. You can create anything. Your imagination is king. Just because you haven't heard everything yet, it doesn't mean you can't start finding it all out, by playing Minecraft. -Sunshine Thanks for watching! Special thanks to:

~My Mom

~Herobrine ( My first commentor. Thanks, whoever you are :D )
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