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Campaign Analysis

Carlton Draught

Sophia Wohlfarth

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of Campaign Analysis

Carlton Draught - Slow Motion The target audience of Carlton Draught are Australian men between the ages of 30 to 54 years

These guys represent 37% of the beer volume in Australia The typical Aussie guy Creative strategy - overview Media strategy References Recommendations fg Results The 2010 installment of Carlton's "Made from Beer" campaign Growing competition Australian beer category was becoming more fragmented
Number of beer brands doubled to 1,228 from 2007 to 2010

From the 1990s, imported brands at a premium price began to gain consumer's attention as they seemed new and exciting
“premiumisation” trend

Traditional Australian brands began to lose market share
Decrease by 9.4% in volume
from January 2010 to November 2011 Australians have been drinking less alcohol due to a higher awareness of the health risks associated with it

Consumers have been shifting from beer to other categories such as cider and spirits or wine Changing consumer preferences Price pressure Beer is a low involvement product Traditional Australian beer
Well established brand

No. 1 tap beer in Australia
No. 4 beer in terms of total market share in the Australian Beer Market What is Carlton Draught's position in the Australian market and who are the main competitors? 'Slow Mo' as a part of the 'Made From Beer' campaign So what campaign are we analysing? Let's have a look at the market! And who is the target audience? Why is it important to define a target audience?
Definition of the target group is necessary in order to choose the right advertising medium and place the advertising in the right environment so that it is pointed at the right potential customer

The target group interprets the advertising message with the prospect of their needs, values and experiences Advertising or Marketing alcohol is restricted as it may not be directed at children

Frequently, alcohol advertising is indirectly appealing to underage customers and sets a danger for the younger population
Research has found that exposure to alcohol advertisements among Australian adolescents affects their belief about drinking and their intentions to drink

It might be tempting to target the youth in order to reach a new generation of consumers
Carlton however does not target adolescents
in their advertising and therefore behaves
ethically The stereotypical Australian guy likes his family and mates, BBQs, sport and the pub

As Carlton Draught is a traditional Australian beer brand, it seems logical to target the middle aged, male Australian core customer

They are price conscious
They do not necessarily need to try new things but prefer the ordinary And what is Important for the Aussie guy? Next stop: Carlton's advertising strategy What were Carlton's goals? 1. Re- establish Carlton Draught's Made From Beer campaign so that people can connect with the beer

2. Increase volume sales and revenue

3. Increase market share of total beer

4. Increase commitment by 5% among the core drinkers

5. Remain a well established brand within the Australian market
Even established brands need to build and maintain brand image A slow-motion celebration of men and beer

Capture the beautiful and simple moments in the target audience's lives - a night at the pub

The strategy was to position the brand as a comforting, relaxing and familiar choice

Reach the target audience over TV commercials specifically placed during sports program breaks
'Slow Mo' is the 6th installment within Carlton's long running 'Made from Beer' Campaign, an overall humorous campaign, which also reflects the brand
personality of Carlton Draught

'Skytroop', 'Big Ad', 'Flash Beer'

Ads that are interrelated have a greater "retentive value" than a series of different one-shot ads

Vincent Ruiu, Carlton group marketing manager said that “Blokes love beer, the pub and their mates. We thought we would slow all that down a little to savour the experience.”

Ant Keogh, ECD at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, the agency behind the campaign, states that they want to "reinforce the brand with the tone we’ve had for the last ten years, of not taking ourselves too seriously.” And what was the creative approach?

As pictures are most memorable when the audience can associate with it, you need to comply with the cognitive abilities of your target group

Carlton Draught accomplished this since the Slow Motion effect imitated the Slow Motion repetitions from sports games, which are very familiar to the core audience as the stereotypical Australian Guy follows the big sporting events

Rather than glorifying athletes, the ad glorified the average Australian men in one of the places they love the most – the pub

The use of super slow motion shots of people dancing, celebrating, spilling drinks and even spitting a peanut into a friend’s face gives beautiful and hilarious details of life that the audience can identify with Visual effects: slow motion Sound devices: The music Music can help put viewers in a right state of mood and influences the effectiveness of advertising

The Ad uses Puccini's aria Nessun Dorma, with changed, comedian lyrics about the power of Slow Motion ("Men look much better in slow motion")

The music makes the quirks and lapses of pub-going Australian guys seem beautiful and graceful
It reminds the target Audience that life is good, if only they stopped to enjoy a beer in the pub The ad is based on the idea to show a ”slice of life”, meaning, that it shows a normal situation in the life of a stereotypical Aussie Guy
- a night in the pub

Vincent Ruiu, group marketing director at Carlton said, the ad aimed to focus on the "small" things in a man's life

The ad succeeds to do so by a mixture of demonstration technique and by combining sight, sound and motion in a very effective way that directly appeals to the target audience Attention Interest Desire Action Use of Slow Motion has an eye- catching effect
Puccini's aria arouses the viewer's attention
People in this advertisment have a similar lifestyle
Humorous scenes get target audience interested The slow motion image of beer poured into a glass arouses the audience's desire to enjoy a beer as well Filmic devices The use of different perspectives has a high importance for a vivid film

Close-ups on faces clearly display the emotions of the guys without any distraction, medium shots give a good overview of the situation

David Ogilvy, one of the most famous advertising executives, states that you should show the product in use and show “food in motion” since this looks particularly appetizing
The image of beer poured into a glass arouses
the consumer's desire to drink it Pros TV was chosen as the main channel
medium reaches target group as they are heavy TV viewers

I believe, no other medium has the creative abilities of television: The combination of sight, sound and motion, opportunity to demonstrate the product and possibility of special effects
Due to the slow motion theme this was central to getting the message across

Gave the possibility to play during footy games, which are specifically viewed by the target audience

Oztam ratings show that sport is among the most viewed shows every week
8 of the 10 most viewed programs in 2010 were sports competitions

Key competitors also advertise heavily on television, Carlton Draught should therefore keep up with TV advertising Other media Rather than spending large amounts of money building a social media strategy, Carlton decided to let the idea do it for them

By simply adding the hashtag "#carltondraught" to the last image of the commercial, people could engage in discussion forums
Inspired its own Facebook fan pages, including one for "That Creepy Blonde Guy from the Carlton Draught Ad"

It is important to engage consumers by inviting them to create content around a product within social media Media strategy for the 'Made from Beer' campaign In the overall campaign there are also billboards used and the 'Big Ad' extensively used social networks for viral marketing An integrated media approach would allow to reach the target audience in more different situations

It would provide repeat exposure in a less expensive secondary medium after attaining optimum reach on TV
Eg. designing a strong homepage and advertising in magazines would be a good idea, as people are relaxed and have time when reading articles online or in a magazine

Social media offers many opportunities, therefore, actively participating in them could lead to a competitive advantage

As the forecast for beer sales is similar to current development ('premiumisation' and decline of traditional brands) it is important to increase loyalty and strong commitment among the target audience within all media channels Carlton Draught is one of the brands of Foster's Group

The company is the leading player in beer in Australia with a market volume share of 48% in 2011

The company was acquired by SABMiller in 2011 and re-branded itself Carlton United Brewers (Mumbrella, 2012b) Advertising campaign analysis prepared by Sophia Wohlfarth
8673004, Tutor Megan Stenner, Friday 12-1am 'Slow Mo' clip won the Gold Lion award at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival

Overall, 'Made From Beer' advertising campaign helped successfully maintain growth

The 2012 instalment 'Beer Chase' became winner of August’s ad of the month election
the success seems to continue Carlton Draught was confronted with growing competition, changing consumer preferences and price pressure (Warc, 2012) (Warc, 2012) (Euromonitor International, 2012) (Euromonitor International, 2012) (Warc, 2012) Brand share in 2010:

1. Victoria Bitter (13.1%)
2. Toohey's New (10.1%)
3. XXXX Gold (7.5%) 4. Carlton Draught (5.5%) Media spending in 2010:

1. Tooheys Extra Dry Beer ($7.961m)
2. Hahn Super Dry Premium Lager ($6.574m) 3. Carlton Draught ($3.947m) (Euromonitor International, 2012) (Beer Competitive Advertising Spend Data, 2012) Market regulations and ethical questions So what exactly is the product? Carlton Draught (Warc, 2012) What company is behind the brand? (Euromonitor International, 2012) The consumer spends little effort and consideration on the purchase decision

Level of consumer involvement is directly related to information processing of the target audience

Use of emotion is important
Affective appeals help to stimulate the consumsers wants
Create feelings or sensations to appeal to target audience (Belch, 2012) (Warc, 2012) (Parente, 2006) (AANA Code of Ethics, 2012) (Sandra C. Jones, 2011) For the middle aged Australian guy, is a very important part of life (Belch, 2012) (Warc, 2012) (Burrowes, 2010) (B&T, 2010) (Parente, 2006) (Mumbrella, 2012b) (Foster's Group, 2010)
(Drewniany, Bonnie, & Jewler, 2011) (Ogilvy) (Drewniany, Bonnie, & Jewler, 2011) (Belch, 2012) With the different creative techniques 'Slow Mo' fulfills the AIDA process (Belch, 2012) The relaxed night with the mates arouses the desire to drink Carlton Draught as well
they will go out in the pub and do so Let's see which media were used for the campaign. What could have been done differently? And what were the results of 'Slow Mo'? Mass coverage

Relatively low cost per viewer

Some selectivity through choice of programs and time of the day the ad is aired Pros Impact


Prestige - Public considers TV the most authoritative medium

Social Dominance

Pervasiveness Cons High production cost

High airtime cost

Long lead times



Intrusivness (Arens, 2009) (Oztam, 2012) (Knox, 2010) (Parente, 2006) (Belch, 2012) 1. . Re-estbalish Carlton Draught's Made From Beer campaign
500,000 views on YouTube
Hasthtag helped encourage online discussion and social conversation

2. Increase volume sales and revenue
volume growth of for the 12 months after the campaign.
revenue growth of
million of profit

3. Increase market share of total beer
Carlton Draught grew from 18.8% value share of the traditional category to 21.1%

4. Increase commitment by 5% among the core drinkers
According to CUB internal brand tracking data commitment increased from 10.4 to 11.3, a lift of 8.7%

5. Remain a well established brand Did Carlton reach its goals? (Warc, 2012) 3.2% 5.6% $12.8 Results (Langmaid, 2011) Target audience: Even though the main consumer of Carlton Draught are middle aged Australian men, there are also women enjoying this beer together with their friends/boyfriends and husband Target audience could be changed to also include middle aged women Creative strategy: Instead of only showing women as a minor part of the advertising, they could be shown drinking the beer as well which would then appeal to the female audience Media strategy: (Euromonitor International, 2012) Evaluation - assessing success Ongoing evaluation methods allow to monitor the success of the campaign and make changes to increase the performance of the advertising
There are three phases of evaluation: (Belch, 2012) Evaluation plan Strategic Development
Conduct surveys to get a better understanding of consumer needs and drinking patterns
Conduct survey to find out which media Carlton Draught consumers use most

Campaign Development
Monitor number of viewers following the TV commercial
Monitor website hits and social media engagement on Twitter and Facebook

Post Evaluation
Calculate and compare sales, revenue and profit data before and after the campaign
Conduct follow-up surveys with regular customers in stores or bars in order to find out their level of satisfaction
Conduct survey to gather consumer beliefs about the campaign Psychological insight Maslow's Hierachy of Needs Therefore, Carlton Draught is directed towards the social needs of the target audience (Mumbrella, 2012) (B&T, 2010) mateship The BIG idea (Fill, 2001) TV advertising (Warc, 2012) Premium imports have begun to drop their price, often to parity or less than traditional Australian beers like Carlton Draught

If a premium import brand costs similar to a domestic brand, it is hard for consumers not to purchase it as it seems more exciting AIM: Building an emotional connection and commitment to the brand
Humour helps to attract and hold attention and is often the most memorable advertising technique

There is a range of humorous beer-drinking moments such as strange drunken dancing and a beer spill on a group of girls which gave the viewer a chance to laugh at themselves Humour AANA Code of Ethics. (2012). Code for Advertising & Marketing Communications to Children. From: http://www.aana.com.au/pages/aana-code-for-advertising-marketing-communications-to-children.html

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