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AE Workshop (most current 12/16)

No description

Avesta Communities

on 11 October 2018

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Transcript of AE Workshop (most current 12/16)

Do you think we have inspired loyalty to
from this person? Why or why not?
Write down the five things that you are most grateful for and why.
Write down five goals that you have for the future.
Circle which list brings you the most joy.
Do Now: Gratitude Activity Section
Motivation: Resident Testimonial Section
Think of one memorable, positive experience you have had as a customer.
What do you believe created this resident experience?

Loyalty vs Satisfaction Section
As a customer, what does it mean to be
As a customer, what does it mean to be

meet the expectations, needs, or desires of (someone)
: a strong feeling of support or allegiance
What types of things can we do at work that inspire
from the people around us?
Identify Customer Section
How do you define customer?
Can this interaction be a bad one?

anyone who interacts with our company
Who are our customers?
1. Name and where you were born
2. Number of Siblings
3. Where you fall in the order of children
4. The
difficult or interesting challenge for you growing up.

Mindset Section
Does knowing someone's story make a difference? Explain.
Is it possible to always treat everyone in a way that recognizes that they have struggles, too?
If we started doing this, what impact would it have on...
How can we start doing this today,
Golden Rule Section
What is the
Golden Rule?
On the handout,
On the handout, define
The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
Are there ever interactions at work when we shouldn't use empathy? Why or why not?
Sarah's mom unexpectedly passed away and she's in the Leasing Office talking with you upset about things.
These people just walked into the Leasing Office.
He thinks he didn't do well on a test.
Her husband passed away 2 days ago.

a person or organization that buys goods or services from a store or business
According to Merriam-Webster...
Why don't we?
Is there any difference between the Golden Rule and everything we have been discussing?
You recall that Sarah has not paid her rent yet. Thinking with an empathy mindset, what might you do?
What is the point of the ?
We want to ____________________ a deep level of ____________________
in every resident...every prospect...every neighbor...every vendor...
every investor...and every teammate that we encounter.
The is taking the ideas that
shared with us and folding them into a system and process that will ...
simplify your routine,
maximize your interactions,
and inspire loyalty.
What does this mean?
According to ...
our company,
our customers,
our families?
Thinking with an empathy mindset, what will you do?
Which one are you going to treat exceptionally well?
...she killed him!
Great companies have an acronym they use to guide customer interactions.
, what happens?
On your handout, note some characteristics of
Active Listening vs. Passive Listening
Active Listening
Passive Listening
Active Listening

What "value" does active listening create?
What does this mean to you?
with sincerity
What are some ways you show appreciation at the end of an interaction?
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Her husband passed away 2 days ago...

Change your mind?!

We took many connecting themes that we heard from the AE conversations in regards to what you thought excellent customer service looks like and created our own
acronym will guide our customer interactions to help us solve problems and inspire customer loyalty.
Giving someone your full attention throughout an interaction.
What is the point of this video?
How does empathy tie into the Chick fil A video? Explain.
You order pizza and they say it will be delivered in 30 minutes.
It has been 45 minutes since you called and still no pizza.
How do you feel?
You place an order on Amazon and they say it will be delivered in 2 days.
The package actually arrives in 1 day.
How do you feel?
You're in the "10 Items or Less" line at the grocery store and the person in front of you clearly has more than 10 items (30 items).
How do you feel?
Paul (future resident) was told his apartment would be ready for move in on Friday, yet it turns out it will not be ready on that date.
Steve (prospect) tours your community and is interested in an apartment, but not ready to apply.
Communicate what you are going to do.
Have a sound understanding of the situation.
Ask "What can I do for you to make this better?".
Ask "What would you like to be done?".
Don't over-promise.
Don't give an answer if you are not sure of the answer.
Understand the needs of those involved.
What does this mean to you?
Finish what you start.
Help someone from start to finish.
Call people back when promised.
Communicate with others that need to know.
Don't pass off the situation to someone else.
Take action.
What will you do to take ownership and follow through?
What will you do to take ownership and follow through?
What will you do to take ownership and follow through?
What are ways to show appreciation at the end of an interaction?
How does this act of love impact each person in the video?
How did watching it impact you?
What is one very memorable thing someone has done for you?
How much did it cost them?
How much did this cost you?
The letter you just wrote was an investment.
Everything you do is an investment and all investments have a cost to them.
Some investments are good and some are bad.
Something that has an that will over time.
Good Investment:
To be
takes a little time, a little bit of money, and a lot of love.
Was it a good investment or a bad investment? Explain.
Why do we consider this a good investment?
Why don’t the majority of companies do this?
In your personal life, what kind of investments do you make into yourself and your loved ones?
What kind of investments do you make at your community?
What kind of investments can you make at your community to be

Thinking about the Avesta Experience, what are the costs so far?
Long term investment and value outweighs the short term costs associated.
Helped make the training.
Got everyone talking and engaged.
Create better attitudes toward our customers.
Higher retention.
Leads to greater customer service which results in customer loyalty.
Greater financial profits.
Goals of the are to inspire loyalty, be memorable, make a difference, and to make us excellent.
We also want to be sure to make up for a service failure, invest in relationships, and do the right thing.
When having our discussions, teammates expressed a desire to have more discretion to spend money on residents…
Think of someone who you associate with smiling a lot.
Jane just walked into the Leasing Office.
Why is it so important to smile?
Is it possible to always smile?
How do you feel toward that person? Do you like being around that person?
Applying what we know about the A.V.E.S.T.A. acronym.....
Apologize for the inconvenience to them
We've applied the
in this situation.
We've applied the
in this situation.
We've applied the
in this situation.
To be memorable, make it

Let's be VERY memorable...
to solve problems, to show appreciation, to have resident events, give thanks, etc.
PCard spending amounts will be set at $5 per Apartment Home.
upfront cost
pay off
Every day you are seeing them die. Some through starvation, others through infection or disease.
Many of these people die in your arms.
( on the handout)
Imagine you work at an end of life facility for extremely poor, homeless people.
Is it going to be easy for you to smile?
-Dale Carnegie
( on the handout)
( on the handout)
List as many take-aways on the Avesta Experience as you can.
Feedback is a gift.
You will be emailed a survey following this workshop. Please take a moment to provide your forthright feedback on your experience today.
How do you proceed?
How do you proceed?
How do you proceed?
Applying what we know about the A.V.E.S.T.A. acronym.....
Applying what we know about the A.V.E.S.T.A. acronym.....
Why is it difficult to always smile?
How do you feel when you can't remember someone's name after you have met them multiple times?
Communicate well both internally and externally.
Starbucks uses the
method for dealing with customer problems.
Apple spells out their "Steps of Service" with the
and understanding our newly developed
Today, we will discuss the overarching principles of the
framework for customer service.
How do standing desks contribute to our ability to execute on the "A" in ? Explain.
If you had $5 per apartment home a month to spend on your residents, what would you do with it and why?
Situation 1
Is this a good use of Pcard money?
Situation 2
Is this a good use of Pcard money?
Situation 3
Is this a good use of Pcard money?
Situation 4
Is this a good use of Pcard money?
Today's Game Plan
Passive Listening

Topics To Cover
Being Memorable
9:00am - Huddle
11:00am - 15 Minute Break
1:00pm - Lunch
4:00pm - 15 Minute Break
5:00pm - Wrapping Up

(Anote 5 cosas por las que usted está agradecido y el por qué.)
(Anote 5 metas que usted tiene para el futuro.)
(Circule la lista que le trae más alegría.)
Acercarse con una sonrisa y saludar con su nombre
Valorar cada individuo atraves de escucharlos atentamente
Empatizar con su situacion
Hacerse cargo de la situacion, desde el comienzo hasta el final
Apreciar con sinceridad

Example: When doing a work order, I will smile and use the residents' name when they answer the door. I want my residents know I care about them.
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