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Copy of Forces, Friction, and Gravity

Newtons, Balanced and unbalanced forces, 4 types of friction, and gravity

Frank Rogers

on 14 February 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Forces, Friction, and Gravity

A force is a push or a pull. Force is measured in the SI unit called a newton The force is strong with Sir Isaac Newton, thus the unit is named after him. Forces must have a magnitude and direction Force The combination of all forces acting
on an object is the NET FORCE Balanced and Unbalanced Forces Balanced forces act equally on an object Balanced Forces
*Stop Movement
*Start Movement
*Change Direction Friction Friction is the force that 2 objects
exert on each other when
they rub together. 2 factors determine
the strength of friction. 1. How hard the surfaces are
pushed together. 2. The types of surfaces involved. 4 types of Friction 1. STATIC FRICTION-the friction that acts
on objects that are not moving. 2. SLIDING FRICTION- when two surfaces slide
over each other. 3. ROLLING FRICTION- when an object rolls past a surface. 4. FLUID FRICTION- a solid object moves through a fluid. Objects flying through the air experience
a type of fluid friction called
AIR RESISTANCE. Gravity Gravity is the force that pulls
objects toward each other. Gravity acts everywhere, not just earth This idea is known as the Law of Universal Gravitation 2 factors that affect gravitational attraction
between 2 objects No
Movement Lets see them in action Unbalanced Forces "Force, IIIIIII AAAAAm
YoOOOOur Father!!! more mass greater gravitational force Mass (the amount of matter in an object) Distance
greater distance, less gravitational force Paper Gamble
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