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Reflection Journal

No description

Veronica Green

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Reflection Journal

Week 1 Ethics of Teaching
This week was alot to sink in. It was good to begin though on ethics and legal cases to define certain situations. Safety is a main priority for all students in and outside the classroom, so knowing what is considered right and wrong as a teacher and when to know how to handle certain situations legally is a big deal. Who is liable? That is the question and overview of this week with the added expectations and responsibilities that teachers have. What I think that is most confusing to me is how teachers can actually protect themselves from lawsuits? Is there any kind of training to help them prepare?
Week 2 Teacher Conduct and the Law
This week, code of coduct is the big topic. Knowing what is appropriate and not toward students,parents,and even peers shows the professionalism of that teacher. So many cases of teachers doing inappropriate actions towards students is very disappointing to me. Becasue of this week, looking in our book as well as the internet, it amazes me how immoral some people can be and what a shame it is. A teacher needs to reflect their professionalism and ethical decision making in and outside the classroom. Knowing the consequences of actions is another point of this topic. For this week, the only question I ask myself is, what are the definite consequences and if inappropriate behavior is seen, how to exactly to correctly report the situation?
Week 3 Teachers as Role Models

This week I found very interesting. Covering technology and conduct of teacher and the classroom. We talked and revewied about if teachers are to be disiplined for their "online lives". Social media is a current trend now and should not be used for communication toward parents or teachers. Reflecting on last week, there are consequences for certain actions and this is no different. Teachers are to be seen as role models everywhere they are, and just to remeber that one should hold personal standards at a higher level and still be able to show professionalism outside the classroom.
Week 4 Teacher Employment Responsibilities
What benefits come with tenure and seniority? What challenges exist?
Job security is a big benefit, and some challenges are that some tenures teachers can remain at their current position, while newer teachers are usually cast aside regardless of teaching performance.
What role does fairness and consistency play for the first-year teacher? Why?
For a first year teacher, it is very important to keep some consistancy in the fairness of all students. With diversity in every classroom, not all students are the same and may require different kind of help and guidence. Staying the course of ethical and legal decision making, children will see how much of a fair teacher you are and will more than likely abide by the classroom rules and expectations better.
In scenarios like this, what will be the responsibilities of the effective school leader?
A school leader is there to guide and provide support to first year teachers.

Week 5 Teacher Accountability
This week I learned a lot about my state and what eactly high stakes testing is. I live in Florida and there have been alot of changes just within the past year. This was a lot of information to sink in but what still confuses me is that, particularly in Florida, why does it seem that the students that take these high stakes test, are being punished? I say this becasue of how a whole school year goes by and a teacher must perform according to standards, but also embark on teaching aspects of the tests. Students may have a harder time retaining information that can be sparatic rather than consistent in the overall learning experience.
Also, this week, copyright issues seem to be a concern more than ever especially with technology on the rise. Is there classes or programs for new teachers to help cover these points?
Reflection Journal
By: Veronica Green

Overall, this course has really opened my eyes to the legal and ethical aspecs of the teaching profession. I feel that I have now a basic understanding of this other side to teaching that is very real. I can only hope that I do my absolute best for not just myself as an individual, but for my students as well.
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