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Does Music Help Cows Produce More Milk?

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Breanna DeHaan

on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of Does Music Help Cows Produce More Milk?

Music Helps Dairy Cattle Produce More Milk!
First of all...
How do cattle become stressed?
Why does stress effect production of the milk?
How can you lower the stress?
Many studies have recently been done on how music can help dairy cows produce more milk if the are not stressed.
“It may sounds silly, but some farmers swear by playing relaxing tunes for their herd for maximum milk results. But can you really slow jam your way to higher milk production? Turns out that yes, you just might.”
O’Brien, Anna. "Milking to Music." Modern Farmer. N.p., 10 Feb. 2014. Web. 5 May 2016.
- Calving
- Transporting
- Out of routine
- Being moved one group to another
- When cattle are stressed they tend to not produce as much milk as they should be producing. With dairy farms starting to lessen as the years go on farmers have to figure out a way to produce more milk.
Music in the Barns...
Studies have shown that when music is playing the cattle are less stressed and overall produce more milk.
1. “However, such sounds may also distract individuals and thus potentially interfere with their ability to make biologically important decisions about food selection, mate selection, and predator detection.”
Alvin Aaden Yim Hol Chan | Daniel T. Blumstein “Attention, noise, and implications for wildlife conservation and management” April 2011. Web. Pages 1-7.
How can music help?

Farmers need to start playing music throughout all of the barns so that the cattle will be able to relax and produce more milk.
How I can relate to this...
Del Mar Fair...
Why should you care?
Cooking- Use of butter
Eating- Use of milk & butter, yogurt
Drinking- Milk, smoothies
I would like some of you to help me explain: what someone can do to help solve this problem
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