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My Favourite Poet

No description

Andrew Dobbie

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of My Favourite Poet

Poem Analysis
Maya Angelou
Who Am I?
Writing Conventions
An autobiographical essay of his/her life.
You need to use 'I' statements and write as if you were the poet describing his/her life.
*Write in first person and be sure to include important
facts from 'your' life, as the poet*
Include one of this poet's poems (copied exactly like it appears in a poem book)
A live reading of the poem by the author (if you can find it on YouTube).
You need to clearly analyze the poem you've shared in terms of:
- your opinion/connection (E.g., Text to self, text to text, text to world)
- metaphor and simile examples described and explained from the poem
(**Be sure to justify how/why the author may have used those specific metaphors and/or similes - How did those literary elements impact the poem and how it made you feel?**)
Make sure you do the following when preparing your writing:
1. Brainstorm your ideas you might want to include in your paragraphs.
2. Create an outline of your paragraphs in which you clearly show the main topics in each paragraph and brief jot notes of the supporting details for each paragraph topic.
3. Write multiple rough drafts for editing. Ensure each paragraph includes a topic sentence, supporting sentences related to the topic, and a concluding sentence (clincher).
4. Use the provided editing checklist to peer/parent/self edit your writing as you create your published product.
My Favourite Poet
For this assignment, we are focusing on the contributions people of African descent have made to poetry.
Choose a poet. You are going to create a digital experience (in Prezi) about the poet you've chosen.
People you could consider include:
Gwendolyn Brooks Langston Hughes Alice Walker
Paul Laurence Dumbar Dionne Brand Claude McKay
Nikki Giovanni Lucille Clifton Rita Dove
Alexandre Pushkin Elisabeth Alexander
Your digital experience must include the following:
1. A hand drawn image - Try to develop an image beyond just a face to show the poet's personality.
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