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Ancient Feudalism compared to modern day Feudalism

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on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of Ancient Feudalism compared to modern day Feudalism

Ancient Feudalism compared to modern day Feudalism
The Pope
The Pope during the times of the feudal system was the leader of the Christian world. The whole feudalism world in this time period was Christian making the Pope the ruler over everyone else. The Pope also assigns Bishops to relay to him what is going on with all of the small town Priests. The Bishops would also meet with all of the Priests to tell them what the Pope wants them to do.
The Kings
The Lords
The Lords during the time of Feudalism were usually friends and family of the king who had been given fiefs from the king. The Kings and Lords made agreements for the land. The Lords had to supply the Kings with Knights in times of war, give the King a place to stay if he needed it and pay ransom if the King was ever captured. The Lords would often give smaller fiefs of their land to vassals.
Knights and Vassals
Knights of the feudal period were very advanced soldiers who began their training at age seven. They protected their Lord's land and also in times of war the King's. Vassals were the land owners that got their land from the Lords. The Vassals and Lords had an agreement much like the agreement between the King and Lords.
The Peasants of the Feudal system were not slaves but they lived on the land and stayed on the land even when it was sold. The Peasants also had to ask to leave the land. These Peasants had the least rights even though they were the majority of the population. Peasants also made all of the food and other things that everyone in the manor needed.
Modern Day Pope
Modern Day Kings
Modern Day Lord
Modern Day Knights and Vassals
Modern Day Peasants
The King during the feudal period was a wealthy man who owned very large amounts of land which was the main currency during the feudalism period. The King would then give smaller pieces of his kingdom called fiefs to his friends and family who then became lords.
I choose to do the commissioner of the NFL as my modern day Pope. I chose him because he is the leader of the entire league and makes the decisions for the whole league. He is also is a very wealthy man who has power over everyone who is part of the NFL.
For the modern day Kings I chose the owners of the NFL teams. The owners are very rich men who own an entire team just like a large piece of land in Feudal times. The owners have the power to fire anybody who works for the team that they own even the general managers and coaches if necessary.
To me the modern day Lords would be the general managers. The general managers report the owners on how the team is doing and how the workers are doing. The managers also provide assistance to the owners of the team.
The modern day Knights and Vassals of the national football league are the players. The players are the Knights because "they pledge service to the King". They sign a contract with the owner. These contracts say that the players will play a specific amount of time in exchange for money.
The modern day peasants in the NFL are the workers who do all the little things that keep the league going, such as ground crews, concession workers and security guards. These workers don't get paid the same large salaries that the players get but they are like peasants in the way that if they aren't there the stadium and the league would fall apart. The lower workers also are like peasants in the way that they are the majority in the workers of the league.
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