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The Statue of Liberty

No description

Kate Arnold

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of The Statue of Liberty

The Symbolism of the Statue of Liberty
Chains of Tyranny
If you look closely at the feet of Lady Liberty, you will notice broken chains lying at her feet. This represents her escaping from the 'chains of tyranny' Great Britain had America trapped in.
The Seven continents
The iconic crown on top of the Statue of Liberty's head symbolizes her radiant light of liberty reaching the world. Other interpretations are the seven seas and continents, and the sun.
The torch of Knowledge
The torch represents enlightening the nation, and allowing the unclogged stream of knowledge to flow into America.
Putting the lady in liberty
The Greek robe embodies the Greek goddess, Libertas, goddess of liberty.
Holding the law in her hands
If you look at the tablet in the Great Green Goddess' hand, you'll read the following characters; July IV MDCCLXXVI. This is the date that the Declaration of Independence was signed. The artist greatly admired America's laws, and the tablet represented the law of the land.
Facing Friends
Why doesn't the statue look towards America? The direction she's looking is towards France, to represent the friendship between America and France.
A Green Tiara
The 25 windows gracing Lady Liberty's forehead are said to represent gemstones, liberty being the shining jewel of the nation. The windows also represent her liberty shining out so all the world can see.
Colonies of Rock
In the pedestal of the state, there are in fact 13 layers of granite, to represent the original 13 colonies
Sheild of the union
When designing the statue's pedestal, the artist decided to place shields on the sides of it to represent the states of the Union.
Holding together the Nation
The tablet that she holds is not only the law, but it is shaped like a keystone. Keystones hold together the other stones in architecture. Without the law, freedom, justice, and liberty would shatter.
Walking in the light
The Green Goddess' sandals aren't still, they are moving like they are walking. She is walking into the light of liberty.
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