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Safety and Security In Housekeeping

No description

Ryan Santos

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Safety and Security In Housekeeping

Key Handling at the Front Desk
1. Require guest to leave their keys at the Front Desk when leaving the hotel to make sure they do not leave it elsewhere.

2. Give room key only to registered room occupants.

3. Never give the key to the guest's joind, visitor or even his/her nearest relative unless there is a writtern authorization or advice from the guest himself.
General Safety and Security Measures for Guests
1. If possible all entrances to the hotel should be secured with a full time security guard.
Key Handling and Control
Safety and Security In Housekeeping
Safekeeping and Issuance of Keys
2. Provide roving guards who will monitor movements within the hotel premises.
3. Suspicious looking person and objects are to be reported to the Security Office immediately for proper investigation.
4. In the event that the suspicious object is found in the premises, the following shall be undertaken:
Do not touch the object nor open it for it may be a bomb that will explode.
Report it to the Security Office.
Security Office will coordinate with bomb experts to check the object
If it is proven to be a bomb, the surrounding areas shall be cordoned.
Guests within the affected area will be asked to vacate the area
A bomb disposal squad shall be asked to handle the emergency.
Caution every one to calm down and assure them that everything is under control.
5. Inside the hotel, guest's identity, room number should not be revealed to anyone unless advised to do so by the guest himself.

6. All calls of house guest should be screened.

7. Advise guests not to entertain people nor transact business with unknown persons.

8. If you are a suspicious joiner leaving the room of a guest, make it a policy to check with the guest if he has no missing valuables before the joiner is allowed to leave the hotel.

9. During room make up and housekeeping, always be on alert for safety hazards found in guestrooms.
1. Keys for lockers and cabinets should be in the custody of designated custodian.

2. Key custodian should never lend his keys to anyone nor allow someone to open the cabinet and get stocks.

3. Room keys come in 4 sets, one for the guests, one for the Housekeeping, One for the Front Desk, and the other is with the Duty Manager's Desk.

4. In receiving and returning keys, always log in and sign in the logbook, so that it is easy to trace who is accountable if ever it gets lost.

5. Room attendants are advised to attach their key to their uniform.
6. Misplaced or lost keys must be reported immediately to the supervisor.

7. If a room key cannot be found, change it or interchange the lockset of the room to another room and floor so that the finder cannot open the door.

8. Turn over keeys with proper endorsement.

9. If a guest happen to leave his key in his room and requests a room attendant to open his room, the latter should refer the guest to the front desk to verify if the guest is the registered occupant.

10. If the room attendant is asked to open guest's room, ask for the guest's key jut to make sure he is the registered occupant.
1. When not in use,all KEY-SETS should be kept in a key cabinet.

2. Set of keys should be issued only to employees who are authorized to use it like room attendants or floor supervisors.

3. The main key cabinet must be locked at all times.

4. Keys should not be brought out of the hotel by any employee.

5. Sets of keys(Not key card) must be equipped with either hardened steal key ring-belt clip combination or a leather key case and belt.

6. Keys mus be endorsed by outgoing staff to incoming room attendant, night supervisor or night room cleaner at the end of the working shift.

7. All keys should be sight - Inventoried by the night supervisor or night room cleaner in charge at the end of the evening shift(11:30pm).

8. At the end of each working day, keys are to be placed in the key cabinet.

9.There is a special set of keys designated "Opening Keys". This set will have a key to the area in which keys are kept, and the key Cabinet in the set. This set of keys are left in the custody of the Night Manaeger.
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