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Areas of Interaction

No description

Mariela Cruz

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Areas of Interaction

Areas of Interaction
Approaches to learning
Teaches people learning skills.
Helps students to figure out the way they learn best. Also helps people communicate more confidently.
Human Ingenuity
Human Ingenuity is known as a system where we can work, play , construct and conduct friendships.
Community and Service
We have a lot of benefits in our communities like service dogs. Some help to guide blind people and some help the law find illegal substances.
An example of environment is a bike or skateboard, is used for transportation.It wouldn't pollute the air like a motor vehicle would.
Health and Social Education
Extracurricular activities are a good example health and social education. Sports are a extracurricular activity that can keep you fit and help you gain social skills.


By Kia Currie and Mariela Cruz
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