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Science Experiment

Paper bridge experiment

Rebecca Sze

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Science Experiment

Dissolving Soap Experiment Aim Changed Variable Observations Measured variable Fixed Variable Materials Results Hypothesis Method Conclusion Scientific explanation • Four similar plastic containers labelled with; Room Temperature, Warm water (Around 80 °F), Ice water/Cold water (around 40°F) and Salt water.
• Four half’s of the same type of bar soap (Equal weight)
• Thermometer
• Two cups each of the different types of water (Room Temperature, Warm water (Around 80 °F), Ice water/Cold water (around 40°F) and Salt water.)
• Scales/Weighing Machine
• Recording Sheet
• 5 hours!
• Calculator (optional)
To find out if a bar of soap DISSOLVES FASTER in different types of water 1. Weigh the soap.
2. Record the weight on the sheet.
3. Place the different types of water into their respective container.
4. Put the half bars of soap into the containers.
5. Monitor the temperature of the soap every 30 minutes to check that they maintain their differences.
6. After 5 hours take the soap out and weigh. (It is okay if the soap has not completely dissolved.)
7. Find out how much percent of the soap has dissolved. I predict that the soap will dissolve the quickest in warm water, I think this because warm water/ hot water can dissolve things the quickest (like sugar)(in my experience). The type of water used. • The type of SOAP used.
• The same WATER (not the type, just the place it originated from.)
• The AMOUNT of WATER put into the containers.
• The AMOUNT of SOAP put into the containers.
The amount of the soap that has dissolved My results were that the soap in he hot water dissolved the fastest (22%), which proved my hypothesis correct. The soap in the salt water dissolved the slowest (7%).
The soap was 15% dissolved in the room temperature water.
The soap was 9% dissolved in the ice water. If there was a different amount of water (just by a litlle bit because I measured 1 cup of water approx).
If they were placed in a sunnier place or a darker place. The soap in the hot water dissolved the fastest, while the soap in the salt water dissolve the slowest The reason why the soap in the hot water dissolved the fastest was because water molecules move faster at a higher temperature, so the molecules bump the soap more often. When the water molecules bump, thier polar ends attract to the soap's charged ends and they are pulled apart until they are completely diffused. Thank you for watching my Prezi presentation!
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