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The Night My Sister Went Missing

Book Report

taylor stevens

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of The Night My Sister Went Missing

By: Carol Plum-Ucci The Night My Sister Went Missing This book was about finding a girl named Casey. she went missing at a party late one night. her brother Kurt is desperate to find answers and throughout the story, different individuals are interviewed by a cop at the local police department. lots of secrets are uncovered and plenty of information is revealed and it all comes together by the end of the story. characters 1. Kurt
he has a sister named Casey who went missing and he tries to find her throughout the story.
2. Casey
Went missing at a party and none can find her.

3. officer lurtz
The cop from the local police department that tries to find Casey and suspects people from the party that she was at when she went.

4. Stacy Kearn
has a really big crush on kurt and she helps look for Casey. also was accused of taking her.
5. Summary statement of purpose

i hope to interest you in this book, the night my sister went missing. the whole time you read this book, it keeps you wondering and on the edge of your seat. the characters are interesting and is an engaging story line. this is the kind of book that will keep you wondering until you finish it. "Stacy fired a gun?!?!" quote 1 "Stacy can get a little out of control sometimes" quote 2
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