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Vx Sagittarii

No description


on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Vx Sagittarii

Vx Sagittarii
It is a late super giant
Located more than 1.5 kiloparsec away from the sun.
It's constellation in Sagittarii
One of the largest stars discovered
Radius is 1,520 R
Luminosity & Temperature of Vx Sagittarii
The Luminosity (measurement of brightness) of Vx Sagittarii is 340,000 L. The Temperature (numerical measurement of hot or cold) of Vx Sagittarii is 3,575 Kelvin or 3301.85 degrees Celsius.
The Sun
The Sun is a main sequence star
a.k.a Spectral type G2
The diameter is 864,938 miles or 1,391,980 km
has a radioactive zone
Questions 1-6
1.Do all stars go on the same life cycle path?
No, it depends on the mass of the star,smaller mass,larger life and larger mass, shorter life.

2.What causes a star to be on a certain life cycle path?
It depends on the mass of the star.

3.What causes a star to change from one state to another?
Of its mass increasing or decreasing which will depend on its changes.
Vx Sagittarii is larger than our Sun. The Luminosity and Temperature makes a big difference. Also causes a huge impact on the similarities and differences between the two.
Luminosity and Temperature of the sun
Vx Sagittarii is a Red Super Giant and the age of it has not been discovered.
HR Diagram
Vx Sagittarii
The Sun
The Sun is a Main Sequence and the age of it is 4.57 billion years old.
The elements of the sun are
Hydrogen 73.46%[11]
Helium 24.85%
Oxygen 0.77%
Carbon 0.29%
Iron 0.16%
Neon 0.12%
Nitrogen 0.09%
Silicon 0.07%
Magnesium 0.05%
Sulfur 0.04%
The elements of Vx Sagittarii are
Created by:
Info on Sun:Thomas
Info on Vx Sag. :Hiba
The Luminosity (measurement of brightness) of the Sun is 3.839×1026 W, or 3.839×1033 erg/second.The Temerature (numerical measurement of hot or cold) of the Sun is 5778 Kelvin or 5504.85 Degress Celsius.
4.Explain how each star changes from one stage to another?
As a star uses up one type of fuel, it must change its size and pressure in order to use another.

5.Describe the different stages of a star's life cycle?
It depends on the mass so if its larger then it will burn out faster,or if the mass was smaller it will live longer.

6.Describe how temperature and luminosity are related?
The Luminosity of the sun or star depends on the temperature of the surface of it.
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