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Tay Bridge Disaster

No description

Andrzej Bielecki

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Tay Bridge Disaster

Calculations 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Conclusion - The bridge was badly constructed, badly designed, and badly maintained, all because Bouch and the builders wanted to save time and money going against the code of ethics.

-Canon #5 means that you cannot commit acts that trick others and without telling others.

-The statement is definitely true, putting someone's life in danger is unacceptable. Questions? Background Information - Constructed by Sir Thomas Bouch.
- Single track railroad connection between Edinburgh and Dundee, Scotland.
- Middle was built using high girders.
- Collaped during a violent storm on December 28, 1879 killing 75 people. The Tay Bridge Problems in construction - Span between piers was increased because the bedrock lay to deep in certain places.

-Span of girders was also increased.

- However, the piers in the middle of the bridge were unknowingly placed on gravel instead of rock.

- Joints holding the bridge together were defective. - Bouch used the advice and math of another person in calculating the allowance for the wind load.

- Bouch made the wind load only 10 psf, but it should have been 50 psf. Ethically wrong - Bouch tried saving time by taking
someone elses word about the amount of
psf required.

- This factor led to the destruction of the bridge because the bridge collapsed during a severe storm.

- Wind speeds reached 72 mph. Ethics - Some of the problems were caused by workers not following the code of ethics.

- In 1878 an inspector found that some of the joints of the bridge were defective, but instead of informing Bouch about the problems, he tried fixing them himself.

- He wanted to save money time and money by not addressing the problem correctly, which was a reason people ended up dying. The Tay Bridge Disaster By: Andrzej Bielecki PSF = 10 Work Cited Peter R. Lewis. (2012).The Tay Bridge Disaster, failure mag retrieved from, http://failuremag.com/feature/article/the_tay_bridge_disaster/ (9, November 2012). Tay Bridge Disaster, Wikipedia
retrieved from, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tay_Bridge_disaster PLTW-CIM
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