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5 Themes of Geography:Albany,New York

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Brenda Reyes

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of 5 Themes of Geography:Albany,New York

5 Themes of Geography:
Albany,New York

Bodies of Water
New York's most popular rivers,lakes, are the Hudson River, Lake George, and Lake Lila,

The population of Albany, New York has the population of 19,651,127 (as of 2013).
5 themes of gography
The 5 themes of geography are:
Human Environment Interaction
The absolute location of Albany,New York is 73.757 degrees West, 42.6525 degrees North.

The relative location of Albany,New York :
New York is north of Virginia
New York is east of Wisconsin
What Grows There?
New York grows many fruits and veggies such as:
fruit-grapes, & apples.
Vegetables-cabbage, sweet corn,& onions.
Field Crops-grain corn,& maple syrup.
They even produce dairy milk.

Animals and Climate
The annual high temperature is 57.8 F.
The annual low temperature is 38.6 F.
The average temperature is 48.2 F.
Some of the animals found in New York are mollusks(slugs,snails,etc), crustaceans(crabs,shrimp,crayfish),
and mammels(deer,foxes,beas,rabbits,

Albany, New York
New York is full of mountains.Most of southwestern New York is covered by the lower ranges of the Allegheny Plateau.
New York has glacial land and many mountains part of their land.
Physical Characteristics
Lake Lila
The most popular religions in New York is catholic, baptist, other christian, jewish, islam, and presbyterian.
Cultural Influences/Ethnicities/Languages
The cultural influences of New York are the dutch because they were one of th first people in New York history.
The most common language in New York is english.
The ethnicities of New York are 33 percent of New York City residents are white, 26 percent are Hispanic, 26 percent are black, and 13 percent are Asian.
Tourist Attractions/Bridges/Famous Parks
There are 33 famous tourist attractions but here are some of them:
New York State Capitol, New York State Museum, The Egg, &the Corning Tower.
The New York bridges are The Twin Bridges, Dunn Memorial Bridge, Livingston Avenue Bridge, & The Patroon Island Bridge.
Some of the famous parks in New York are Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Hudson River Park, & Washington Park.

The Egg
Twin Bridges
Cenral Park
How do people move, why do they move?
People move by using cars, taxis, the subway/trains, buses, and bycycles.They move to get to place to place.
Albany, New York
What products do they ship in or ship out?
They transport oil, goods, and is known for shipping wine.
What region of the united states is New York in???
The Northeast region.
Human Environment Interaction
New Yorkers depend on ground water, depend on the climate change, oil, gas, & pollution control.
People adapt to there environment by buying warmer clothes, jackets,pants,etc.
People modify or change the environment by pollution, energy efficiency, air pollution, water supply(pure), & garbage disposal.

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