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Kids room - 53380

Available at Prezzip.com. Step in this kids room, play with some toys or clean up the mess.

Your Prezis

on 10 April 2016

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Transcript of Kids room - 53380

Many more templates available at:
Kindsroom prezi template. Step in this kids room, play with some toys or clean up the mess.
Florida Department of Health
Healthy Start Program

Crystal Carreras BSN, RN, CEN
Outcomes for Sustainability?
Overview of Healthy Start Program
-The Florida Healthy Start Coalition Mission Statement: " A statewide association that develops and supports local systems of care to optimize the health of moms, babies, and their families".

-Brought into legislation in 1991 and 31 coaltions statewide.

-Research is used to provide many neccessary resources and programs for the community.

-Wide range of services from assitance finding work to smoking cessation, breastfeeding support to home visits for councelling, and more.

-Prior to the Healthy Start program: high infant mortality rate

-Big reduction in infant mortality in general, however, we still have many struggling communities and basic needs are not being met.

-Healthy start exists in 87 communities where the infant mortality rate is above 1.5 times national average.

-Social and economic factors place inviduals at risk.

-Age, income, stress, education level all factors.
: Extent and severity of the issues making the Healthy Start Program necessary:

Monitoring Program Outcomes
Did the Healthy Start program result in desired change?
-Reduction in infant mortality across board

-Reduction in low birth weight to greater than 30%

-Reduction in pre term births 40-50%

-Increased prenatal care

-Research looks at many aspects such as future
juvenile violence reduction, reduction preventable childhood disease, school performance, and more.

-Justifiable sustainability based on documented
research outcomes and findings.

-Furthermore, one of the Health People 2020
goals is to improve the health and wellness
of women, infants, children, and families.

-Infant mortality among other preventable things related to social, ecomonic, and cultural factors cost the nation billions each year.

Accountability in Resources (Funding)
Revising Program Interventions
-Program revisions are based on research studies and data. Lots of individual programs all under Healthy Start.

-Many continuous research projects taking place to evaluate the effects of Healthy Start.

- Surveys also gain feedback on programs.

-Final revisions take place based on evidenced based practice.
Program Outcomes:

-United States Health and
Human Services-Health
Resource and Service Admin.
(Maternal and Child Health)

-State and National Database
-Data Analysis bank
-Many databases used to track
funding and program performance

-Overall goal is to eliminate health
desparities among infants and

Providing Information
-Record keeping and Data stored in databases with United States Health and Human Services.

-Annual surveys called NS-CSHCN (National Survey of Children with Special Healthcare needs) and NSCH (National Survey of Childrens Health.

-Data anaylsis takes place under the Maternal and Child health Epidemiology Program and statistics program at local, state, and federal levels. Data is gathered and analyzed for the planning and making of policies.
Reporting of unintended effects:
Reporting of unintended effects of the Healthy Start program

-Information provided by CDC on program evaluation and reporting unintended effects.

•evaluation experts,
•public health program managers and staff,
•state and local public health officials,
•nonfederal public health program directors,
•public health organization representatives and teachers,
•community-based researchers,
•U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) agency representatives, and
•CDC staff

-Knowledge or framework and hierarchy is vital esp because program is multifactoral and large.


Meeting accreditation requirements:

-Healthy Start programs accredited by Healthy
Families America (HFA)

-Provides accreditation to over 580 programs
in 38 states

-"HFA is theoretically rooted in the belief that early, nurturing relationships are the foundation for life-long, healthy development. Interactions between direct service providers and families are relationship-based, designed to promote positive parent-child relationships and healthy attachment, strength-based, family centered, culturally sensitive and reflective".

•Falconer, M. K., Clark, M. H., & Parris, D. (2011). Validity in an evaluation of Healthy Families Florida-A program to prevent child abuse and neglect. Children and Youth Services Review, 33(1), 66-77.





-Originally Funded under the Public Health Services Act section 301.

-Authorized by congress currently under Childrens Health Act.

-Currently 105 federally funded projects with Healthy start.

-Also funded by a collaboration of not for profit organizations, donations, research grants, and more.

-Each year HHS awards funding to Healthy Start programs. The money comes from many different agencies and organizations.
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