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Street Art - Art, Not Vandalism

A presentation for an art lesson on street art, street art as art and not vandalism, and street art as communication and expression

Julia Conte

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Street Art - Art, Not Vandalism

STREET ART: Vandalism or Art? Looking at street art, street artists, and how street art is used to communicate ideas British street artist Banksy creates powerful messages through his use of street art. Banksy goes all over the world and leaves large scale street art, intending to make his viewers think about what they are seeing and what Banksy might be trying to say through his artwork. Shepard Fairey is most famous for his Obama campaign posters, but he is also a street artist. Take a look at his work. What do you think Fairey is trying to say in these pieces? Your Project: You will be making your own piece of street art (but not out on the streets). Your piece will be about a topic or subject that you have a strong opinion on, a passion for, or maybe something that you would really like to say. Remember that street art is about communication and expression. You will create your own stencil, maybe with different layers, and your color scheme. We will then spray paint your stencils onto either boards or paper (yet to be decided).
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