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how eco friendly are you? x

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eloise standage

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of how eco friendly are you? x

How To Be Eco-Friendly! what can you recycle? wood
plastic paper glass metal how do you travel?
you can help the planet by walking more and taking other travel less, if walking isn't your thing you can take your bike. How many times a week should you recycle? you should recycle as many times as you can.You can get recycle bins such as orange and black bin bags to seperate your rubbish. Also recycling saves our planet. cans are you eco friendy you should be eco friendy because
it is good for the environment, and it can help save the planet and your energy. you can recycle many things such as...
how do you travel? Are you worried about global warming You should be worried about global warming because we are polluting the world with cars and other transport. The pollution is warming up the ice burgs in Antatica,they are melting and then they will flood the world if we don't stop polluting. thank you for watching our presentation by Eloise Standage and Jadene Jones. what do you recycle?
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