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Hollaback! Training Module

Training Module for Hollaback! Volunteers and Advocates

Marquina Iliev

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Hollaback! Training Module

Hollaback 2.0 - Volunteer Training
Background You can have a BAD ASS Response to Street Harassment - There's an app for that? How to use the Hollaback! iPhone App Summary and What's Next For Hollaback? So, what are YOU going to do about it? Summer 2010 Short Answer: YES.

It's called Hollaback! To find it, go to iTunes and search 'Hollaback!' and download it to your iPhone.
Agenda Volunteer Training - Hollaback iPhone Application
Duration: 15min

1. Intro to Hollaback iPhone Initiative
2. History of the Hollaback Movement
3. WHY Hollaback?
4. Hollaback iPhone App Usability Walkthrough
5. Next Steps - The Longtail View For Hollaback
6. Take Action - What You Can DO! Our Public Service Announcement (PSA) The Original Blog: HollabackNYC.blogspot.com There are many reasons to Hollaback, so do it for you and do it for the future!
<<Emily to Edit>>

For YOU:
It feels good! People who fight back have less incidence of depression

For the FUTURE:
Do it for future generations of girls so they will not be harassed
<<Emily to Edit>>

It's baddasss to Hollaback!! Our Mission:
An International Movement to End Street Harassment We know street harassment is happening, and that incidents are underreported.
<<Stats here or next slide?>> This movement began in 2005. Emily May, founder of HollabackNYC, began a blog where victims of street harassment could post and share their experiences.

The blog received a huge response and began a movement to end street harassment.

Hollaback is now a full-scale non-profit organization dedicated to providing women an empowered response to street harassment. The iPhone app gives you a badass response to street harassment.

Although it is not right for every occasion, taking a photo helps tell the story. The photo does not need to be of the turd who harassed you. Street scenes, shoes, etc, are fine.

Here is the ideal flow for app usage: Starting in June 2010, HollabackNYC will collect crowd-sourced data from the Hollaback! iPhone App.

Using this data, we will be able to provide crime location statistics that indicate when and where street harassment occurrs.

This data will be reviewed for accuracy, then published on our newly re-branded website: ihollaback.org. Main App Functions:

1. Records the location of the 'Hollaback'

2. Prompts you to take a photo.

3. Takes us one step closer to ending street harassment <<Emily edit>> 1. Splash page that says

“Get ready to Hollaback!

Camera is loading…” 2. Allow the app to use your location.

After the first time the 'location' question is asked, the app will be automatically set to record the users geolocation from then onward.
3. Camera loads. A brightly colored bar across the top of the camera says “Holla right back at ‘em!” At the bottom, you have the choice to either “Shoot” or “Skip” You will also see the menu, which takes you off this page. 4. The next screen goes to the type of harassment.

At the bottom, you have the choice to go back and take another photo. You can take up to three.

Once the type of harassment is clicked, it automatically takes you to the next page . 5. On the final page it says. "Congratulations, you holla’ed back! Now we are one step closer to ending street harassment and assault."

An email will be sent to the user so they can tell us the rest of the story.” There is also a “back” button here in case you picked the wrong kind of harassment. If you have an iPhone, please download the Hollaback! iPhone App and take the Tutorial.

If you do NOT have an iPhone, you can report it at ihollaback.org starting in July 2010. Last but not least, tell others about this initiative!

Email this presentation to 5 ppl, post a link to your facebook page, post a tweet about it!

With your help we truely can make a difference and reduce street harassment. Your Hollabacks are the catalyst that will change history and end street harassment. This app is designed to help you do that with style, confidence, and speed. SUMMER2010 GOAL:

Get 1000 people to download the app.
Are YOU Ready to Hollaback? Get new video: reshoot intro about 'WHY Hollaback' Why Hollaback? No, really....tell me why? We will create this world together.

Each time you Hollaback! YOUR Hollaback echos across to THOUSANDS.

....that's an incredible impact.
If street harassment is OK, then groping is OK.
If groping is OK, the beating is OK.
If beating is OK, then rape is OK.
And any sexual violence against women is simply not OK! This movement is about women. It's about YOU and your right to feel safe and confident in public space.

It's about you today, and it's also about the future women-to-be.

Hollaback is about making an impact by telling your story because sexual harassment is not ok. Whether you're commuting, lunching, partying, dancing, walking, chilling, drinking, or sunning, Hollaback! believes you have the right to feel safe, confident, and sexy. To join the movement and to see your Hollabacks in action, visit us at Hollabacknyc.blogspot.com or in July 2010 at iHollaback.org. Imagine for a moment - what would the world look like if none of these things happened.
Imagine a world where women felt safe.

All the time. Everywhere we went.
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