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The Serpent's Sh

No description

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of The Serpent's Sh

The Serpents Shadow
By Rick Riordan

Project by Crispin Brown
The Main characters
Carter Kane : He Sadie cane brother studies. The path of Horus the god of war , Pharaoh of the gods and goddess. Carter is Leader of the Brooklyn house. He and his sister are most powerful magician in the House of Life.
The setting in the book the Serpent shadow takes place in main three place. In the egyptian underworld know as the Duat where monster , ghost and the full power of the Egyptian gods to get his shadow.Anthor major part is when they were fighting Apoplis lord of chaos at the pyramids where they hold off and defeat him . This is a important setting because this where they go back to Brooklyn house where they learned about shadow that might he to destroy him and what to do from there. These are the most important setting in the book The serpents Shadow
This is a time crunching operation for the Kanes to save the world and stop a attack from Apophis lord of Choas and led a bunch of magicians and god who don't get along to save the world this will be there most epic story the kanes have ever done the save the world in two days read the rest o Serpent Shadow to find Out.
Critici Review
I that Rick Riordan did great job coming right of the Percy Jackson book series into The Kane chronicles to start of with a bang.With Set in the red Prymaid then Vladimir Menshikov in the Throne of Fire and big snake it self Apophis lord of chaos There biggest challenge for the kanes.For me personally Rick Riordan made no mistakes in the series.
Sadie Kane: She is Carter Kane brother studies the Path of Isis the goddess of magic Isis husband is Osiris the god of Death. Is the best magical to come to learn spells or follow the path of the goddess.
Zia Rashid: She was a godling twice taken over by by Nephthys the water goddess and Ra the first Pharaoh of the Egypt god.Improsined to protect herself from Adophis the snake of chaos
More main characters
Walt stone: Curse of the his ancestor Ahekoton the pharaoh after he move his city to desert to study his one god.His whole family line will be cure because of Amun- RA.Follows the path of Anbuis the god of funerals.
Amos Kane:Was the leader and only one in the Brooklyn house in till he saved them in the Red pyramid. Now he is the Chief Lector of the House of life after the Throne of Fire .Follows the path of set the god of chaos and evil.
Bast: The cat goddess she help Sadie and her brother Carter Kane escape the red pyramid. The Kanes father made a deal with her to protect Sadie and Carter Kane for anyone who might hurt them. She is sometimes their eyes and ears very deep in the Duat where humans can't go.
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