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Youth Issues

No description

Sheryl Tan

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Youth Issues

Done by:
Shanthini, Claudia, Izni, Diyana, Jessie & Sheryl Youth Issues Towards:
- Lowly educated
- Special needs (disabled, financially unstable etc.)
- Gender
- Lower Social Status
- Age
- Difference

- Cyber-bullying
- Bullying (Violence)
- Gang rape EMOTIONAL CONFLICT Caused by:
- Lack of attention/affection given by family
- (Youths) Feeling useless, unable to help loved ones

Showed through:
- Helping out in illegal money-lending activities
- Change in attitude
- Withdrawal MAKING A DIFFERENCE Gang Rape in India (Article) - Shows discrimination and unfair treatment to the female sex
- Issue is still not addressed by the government
- Reminder of the pervasive sexual violence that women/girls across India suffer
- The youths(girls) still live in the country with fear of being assaulted
http://www.ncdsv.org/images/sexualassaultstatistics.pdf We Not Naughty (Movie) DISCRIMINATION - ITE students put down by their other peers for not being as smart as their siblings
- Picked on for their "bad" points (studies), although they excel in other non-academic areas My Sister's Keeper
(Novel) -The oldest child often feels ignored by his parents who focus on his sister
- Became a delinquent to get attention
- Uses behavior as a mask to hide his feeling of inadequacy
-Their mother sees her younger daughter donating whatever her older daughter needs as a way of helping and saving her sick and dying daughter
- Younger daughter sees it as sacrificing herself to save her sister Bridge to Terabithia (Movie) - Two youths are considered outcasts, bullied for not conforming to societal expectations
- Withdrew and retreated into their own shells (Terabithia) By:
- Helping less fortunate, financially unstable, aged etc.
- Contributing to society

- Sacrificing time and energy Share-a-gift project by
Boys Brigade (Article) - Making an effort/ contribution to aid the needy
- Cultivates spirit of helping the needy in Singapore Dark Inside (Novel) - Opinions of youths are often disregarded
- Seen as naive, not as wise as adults
- Males looked upon as more dependable, although this is proven wrong in the book Divergent (Novel) - Continuously bullied for being different and also because others were jealous of her Morbidity of Youth, Childhood What:
- Darker side to childhood
- Not always smiles and laughter Bridge to Terabithia
(Movie) - Challenges the contemporary
- Childhood often associated with childish ignorance and pure blissfulness
- Morbid side to youth Thank you! :-)
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