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River Valley Civilizations

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Marci Ward

on 28 August 2018

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Transcript of River Valley Civilizations

River Valley Civilizations
"Land between the rivers" (Tigris and Euphrates- modern day Iraq and Syria)

Agriculture- unpredictable river flooding, had to learn irrigation

Polytheistic religion- worship the gods to be rewarded with good harvest
Indus River Valley
Two major cities: Harappa and Mohenjo Daro

Great urban planners- developed sewers and water systems, built docks and warehouses for trade

Mysteriously disappeared
Ancient China
Formed around the Huang He (Yellow) River

Agricultural society, more isolated than other civs.
Sumer- city-state in Mesopotamia region

Achievements- cuneiform (writing system), 12 month calendar, wheel, sailboat, bronze tools

Code of Hammurabi- earliest written law code, aimed to ensure justice and protect the weak
Ziggurat- stepped pyramid temple
What types of resources would it take to build something like this?
Ancient Hebrews
"Gift of the Nile"
Regular flooding with predictable seasons (unlike Mesopotamia)
Food source
Waterway for transportation
Egyptian Society
Pharaoh- absolute ruler, seen as a god(dess)
Agricultural society, traded along Nile River
Egyptian Culture
Polytheistic religion with a positive view of gods
Mummification- embalm bodies for the afterlife
Tombs built for pharaohs to house their riches
Achievements- pyramids, hieroglyphics, geometry, 365 day calendar
Abraham moved from Mesopotamia to begin settlement in Israel
Hebrews believed in only one all-powerful God (monotheism)
Ten Commandments
Moral rules in the Old Testament, presented to the Hebrews by Moses
This is the beginning of Judaism, one of the world's oldest religions.
Became the basis of law in later societies, including the US
What effect do you think these rules had on society?
Which of these have influenced laws in the US?
Developed character writing (still used today)

Ruled by Shang Dynasty (China's first ruling family)
oracle bones- used to ask questions to ancestor-gods
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