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Why do Athletes take Drugs in Sport???

by claire buckley

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Why do Athletes take Drugs in Sport???

Why do Athletes take drugs in sport???
Consequences of taking drugs
Morality-Unfair advantage.
Health and well being- Athletes could get addictive, lower life expectancy, liver disorders. Could get quite aggressive and always could cause depression.
Legality-Its against the law.
Role model- This a really bad example to others. (Mottram, 2003)
Supplement Additional material
Other herbal stimulants
Prohormones and hormone boosters
Other prohormones
Tribulus terrestris and other testosterone boosters
Colostrum (Australian Sports Commission, 2014)
What drugs are banned in sport?
Educations Programmes.
Stricter punishments.
Strict testing.
Is there any possible solutions
Drugs In Sport.
What types of drugs are used
There are a variety of drugs that are used in sport, but the main ones are:
Anabolic Steroids
Stimulants (BBC, 2014)

Physiological reasons:
Build muscle.
Increase oxygen transport.
Psychological Reasons
Steady nerves.
Increase aggression. (Teach P.E, 2014)
Social Reasons.
Pressure to win.
Claire Buckley
Positive drugs tests results are reviewed by a panel of sports officials and athletes employed by the IOC. (International Olympic Committee) If athletes do test positive on a drugs charge they are at risk of losing a set percentage of their competitive season, they will be allowed to practice within this specified time but are not eligible to compete. If they test positive more than once they can be also be banned from competition for up to one year and could also lose their scholarship, and some may even be banned from competition completely and are no longer able to participate in any sport. Some cases of drugs testing are disputed and this can lead to a hearing. (University of Ulster, 2009)

Lance Armstrong admitted to using:
Human Growth Hormone
Blood doping (BBC, 2013)
Lance Armstrong
Why did he do it??
Lance Armstrong quoted that "It would be impossible to win the Tour de France without taking any sort of drugs. The Tour is a test of endurance, where oxygen is the decisive factor. For example,EPO, it's not going to help a sprinter over 100 metres but it will make all the difference to a 10,000-metre runner. That’s obvious.” (Lichfield, 2013)
(You Tube, 2012)
You Tube, 2013)
Should drugs be legalized in sport
Arguments for:
People will be people.
Life isn't a level playing field.
Its there choice. (BBC, 2014)
Arguments Against!
Drugs and sports don't mix.
Its not fair.
Drugs in sport is cheating.
Drugs are against the spirt of the sport
Health risk. (BBC, 2014)

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You can't win Tour de France title without taking drugs
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Best Moments
. Available:www.youtube.com/watch? Last accessed 14th April 2014.
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What happens if athletes get caught taking drugs?
Drug testing does not work
Could save money
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