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EC Onboarding

Presentation about the new onboarding procedure

Annabel Camilleri

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of EC Onboarding

Taking our new staff on the journey to
Destination EC! Onboarding at EC The Brochure The Passport The Process All documentation has been placed

at intranet.ecenglish.com for easy

reference Checklists for managers and onboarding champions The Delivery Take the time Explain well Keep up the momentum Be flexible Maintain contact Take nothing for granted Lights Camera Action This will be uploaded on issu.com as well as a PDF saved with other documentation You only have 1 chance to make a first impression Why? “The ‘thrown in at the deep end’ approach, causes stress and is not conducive to a positive first impression of the company or the job role” "We should have a better process of preparing new employees to work." “The information should be delivered in an organised manner following each topic through from beginning to end, with time to absorb new information and practice the new skills” "Perhaps a visual with picture to show structure of the company and employees" And what they're saying now! "The experience was well planned
and invaluable, especially time
spent at the school. The cartoon
was a very good way of explaining
what we do.
From a new start point of view I'd
say it is relaxing to know what you
are doing in your first few days." "after having spent the first few hours at EC with my buddy, I felt it much easier to settle in and felt more welcome! I learnt more about the organisation and got introduced to my colleagues. Meeting up with key persons in the organisation in the first few days is also useful since it helps you understand better how things work at EC and introduces you to management from the start. "
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