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zach spears life

No description

zach spears

on 7 September 2013

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Transcript of zach spears life

zach spears life
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my family

im in a family of 7 my 4 brothers me and my mom dad and my sister my brothers names are caleb shawn and isaiah and ashton my sisters name is amyah and my moms name is melisa and my dads name is josiah
my life

my life is challenging i grew up with 2 dads 1 was a crack pot and purposly got thrown in jail the day i was born and named me after his jail mate.my religioun is tough i have to wake up at 9 o clock every sunday morning and stay there for 3 hrs and learn about nothing
ive moved 6 times when i was born i lived in portland when i was 3 i moved to sandiego cali then when i wa s 4 i moved to spokane when i was 7 i moved to hawiia when i was i i moved toridefield thenwhen i was 8 i moved here to vancover
i broke 3 bones and tore 2 of them when i was born i cracked my nose and broke my moms pelvic bone when i was 5 i was playing soccor and broke my ankle when i was 7 i broke my arm when i was 8 i broke my leg when i was 8 i tore my knee in half

my friends
my friends havnt always got me where i wanted to be like in chinook girls got me into alot of trouble not just in school but over thesummer to also my friend ryan got me to drink a energy drink when i was 8 so i hope that itech has morepeople that i can make friends with that dont get me to do bad things or get me in trouble
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