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The SOLOM Matrix

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Jessica Avila

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of The SOLOM Matrix

"By 2025, one in every four students will initially be classified as an English Learner" (CLAD, p. 47)
SOLOM is short for the Student Oral Language Observation Matrix
Background Information
Teachers base a student's score on what they observe in different situations- class discussions, playground interactions, and encounters between classes.
Benefits to using SOLOM
The Problem
There is an increase in English Language Learners in our schools. If teachers cannot correctly assess a student's knowledge and proficiency in English, they cannot properly address the student's needs. This puts the students at a huge disadvantage.
SOLOM can help a teacher determine whether a student can participate in oral language tasks expected of him/her based on their grade level.
SOLOM helps teachers create and fix language development goals. Since teachers can keep administering SOLOM, they can keep track on how much a student is improving in relation to those goals
SOLOM can be used to track a student's annual progress and reminds teachers to provide the appropriate scaffolding the student needs to improve.
It reminds teachers to set up oral-language-use situations that allow them to observe the student, as well as provide the students with appropriate language development activities.
MLA Works Cited
Possible Solutions
Teachers can use the SOLOM Matrix in order to assess their students Oral Proficiency levels and help them modify their lessons to fit students needs
Teachers can use the SIOP Model in order to better structure their lessons so ALL students get the most of their learning
The SOLOM Matrix
SOLOM is a rating scale used to assess a student's command of Oral Language.
Student is assessed in five different categories which include listening comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, grammar, and pronunciation.
SOLOM uses a five point scale. Scores can be considered individually by category, or can be combined into a total score that can range from 5 to 25 points.
A score of 19-20 points can be considered proficient!
five million students in the United States face the DAILY challenge of attending school in a new language" (CLAD, p. 47)
"In 2008-2009, there were 49,487,174 students enrolled in K-12 schools in the United States. Of these students, 5,346,673 are English Learners" (NCELA, 2009)
English Learners cannot be expected to read and perform at the same level as an Native English speaker.
"Teachers must find ways to help their students learn to read and write in English at the same time they are learning to speak and understand the language" (SIOP, p. 239)
* Teachers can use a combination of these strategies to further address their students needs!
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Center for Applied Linguistics. "Student Oral Language Observation Matrix (SOLOM)". CAL, 2014. PDF file.
By: Jessica Avila
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