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ASDA Policy Making

No description

Jiwon Lee

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of ASDA Policy Making

www.ASDAnet.org-->Leadership-->HOD Resources-->How to write a resolution
How to make a motion
House of Delegates
ASDA Policy Making:
Putting Your Ideas Into Action!
What is a resolution?
A resolution is a formal request or action that is presented to the House of Delegates for consideration.
The House is responsible for determining ASDA’s policies and initiatives.

Why resolutions?
Maintains accurate directives


Allows for self-evaluation
So I want to write a resolution...
Titles Matter
This is where the Speaker of the House presides over the HOD
*Fern mandatory
Executive Committee
Delegate = Voting member
2 Delegates per chapter
A.T. Still, New England, Univ of Utah additions pending resolutions
Quorum = 2/3 of Delegates
must be present for votes to be valid
Quokka =
Obtain floor
with "Mr. or Madam Speaker"
2) Once
by speaker,
3) Make motion by saying:
"I move that..."
(second not required)
4) SOH will repeat motion and
implications for the house and opens floor for
5) When no more discussion or
amendments, time to
Amendments are the same:
"I move to amend______"
Amendment = add/subtract/substitute words
Can only amend one part of motion at a time
Can change the proposed amendment once
Now go catch some ASDA fever!
Thank you.
Jiwon Lee
National ASDA President
Columbia CDM Class of 2014
Should ASDA raise dues $10 per member?

Do we want to eliminate paper copies of our publications?

Should ASDA be split into 14 Districts?

Does ASDA support licensure by credentials?

Check existing policy
Examples of Titles:

ASDA Policy Regarding Written Consent for Student-to-Student Injections
E9 Freedom to Invite Vendors/Speakers
May reference existing policy or resolution:
Revision to A-1 Additional Year of Dental Education

Parts of resolution:
Financial Impact: Cost (Staff can help)
Sponsors: Name, position, chapter of each sponsor (John Smith, Chapter President, Awesome Dental School)
Justifies need for your resolution and provides context for delegates
End with “; therefore be it” to lead in to your resolution

Recent example:

Resolution Number 303-2012:
Resolved, that an Advanced Standing Program Liaison Position and/or subcommittee be created at the national level in order to benefit the organization at large over the coming years.

Resolving clauses
Resolved, that the Bylaws, Part I –
Membership include a Section 8 as follows: Ethics - Members shall voluntarily abide by the ASDA Student Code of Ethics; and be it further

Resolved, that the current ASDA Student Code of Ethics (2002), Policy statement E-7 be referred to the Council on Membership for review and possible revision.”
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