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sonia kalburgi

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of WW2

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese navy attacks US at Pearl Harbor.
This event causes US to declare war on Japan.
3 days later, Germany and Italy declare war on US, proving their alliance with Japan.
This puts the world back were they were less than 25 years earlier, in a Second World War
The Great Depression is still going on.
Economy and unemployment rates were slowly increasing, but still remained a problem.
Allies would not attack Germany before because they could not afford to, now they realize they have to so they prepare for war.
On March 1, 1939, Hitler takes his troops to Czecholovakia
Breaking his promise to Great Britain and France
Shows Hitlers perseverance to make Germany a world power

Meeting held by Russia,Germany,Italy,Great Britain, and France
To confront Germany about and invading Rhineland
Hitler promised to stop expanding as long as Germany is granted control over Sudetenland
led to conflict between nations
Hitler has become a major influence on the German people
Hitler promises to tear apart the Treaty of Versailles
Fascism takes over Germany
Hitler went to Italy in 1907
He had a passion for art and wanted to go to an art school there
He was rejected twice and believed because majority of the entrance panel was Jewish
Because obsessed with the idea of all German population and the idea that Jewish people were "unworthy"

Many anti Semitic pamphlets and newspapers were going around
Italy received very little in the Treaty of Versailles
People of Italy believed their leaders had been insulted
Nationalist were furious at the government for not standing up to Great Britain, France and US
Mussolini and other Fascists were taking over the country

Communist country under the rule of Stalin
Signed a non-aggression contract with Germany
contract agreeing to avoid war or armed conflict
Hitler believed Russian people were less than capable to "live properly"
Hitler's first action towards domination of the world
The conditions in Great Britain and France prevented them from intervening, could not afford another war
Hitler would become nearly unstoppable after this

Great Depression was going on
Same thing as was happening in Great Britain and US
30% of canadians were unemployed
1 in 5 canadians needed help from the government
At first, the federal government refused to help the people, said that relief efforts was a problem for the provincial government
Provincial government was not strong enough to help the people
Closely connected to U.S. because of loans after WW2
When Great Depression Started, it affected Great Britain and France too

One of Hitler's major goals
Started building an army in 1935
Stopped making required payments

President Von Hindenberg Dies
Hitler appoints himself absolute ruler (Fuhrer)
Hitler's first grasp of power
First chance to step up and carry out his plans


The people were very angry at Great Britain and U.S. for putting them in this position

Japan aimed imperialistic policies at china to dominate the land
Japan wanted China's raw material reserves, food and labor

Unemployment caused poverty and anger with the people.
American loans lead to a direct collapse of the German Industry.
Politics turned people away from problems at home and towards foreign affairs. This resulted in more aggressive and nationalistic foreign policies

Conditions and Preconditions
World War begins
Canada attacks
The Great Depression
Hitler invades Rhineland
What is happening in Canada?
Great Depression Continued
Self-interest destroyed world peace organizations such as the League of Nations.
The suffering of Britain and France caused them to ignore problems around the world.

All this lead to The rise of Adolph Hitler and and the fall of World power. Countries ignored the problem in Germany and Hitler took over

Japan invades China
Hitler appointed Chancellor
Hitler is made head of government
Had accumulated the trust of the German people

German President dies
Violation of the
Treaty of Versailles
Conditions in Great Britain and France
http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/italy_and_germany_1936 _to_1940.htm
Hitler again
Hitler in and after Italy
Munich Conference
Hitler breaks his promise
Condition of the Allies
Allies attack
Hitler takes troops into Poland, this is the ending draw for the Allies.
On September 3, 1939, Great Britain, France, Australia, and New Zealand declare war on Germany.

September 10, 1939, Canada declares war on Germany.
Within 2 months, Canadian troops are in Great Britain, fighting along and aiding the British Expeditionary Forces.
More troops were arriving in Hong Kong, defending them from the Japanese .
http://www.loc.gov/teachers/classroommaterials/presentations andactivities/presentations/timeline/depwwii/
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