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ABCDE Bundle in Transition

No description

Glenn Siy

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of ABCDE Bundle in Transition

ABCDE Bundle in Transition
It's Urgent!
Coalition Team
Shared Vision
Vision Dissemination
Short Term Wins
Ongoing Progress
Weave Change into Culture
Stake Holders:
Judy, Ellen, Niki, Becky, Dan
EBP Fellow:
Glenn Siy
Clinical Consultants:
Dr. Ahmed, Beth, Amy, Becky
Opinion Leaders:
Kalsang, Michaela, Maureen, Minette, Elisa
Change Champion:
Kalsang, Michaela, Carol, Maureen, Steve
Core Group:
Doug, Arlene, Raquel, Lourdes, Ivan, Catherine G., Susan, Jennifer T. Joshua, Brenda, Cathy, Anita, Marilou, Wendy, Laura, Chelestina, Deborah W., Debra M., Melissa, Darrell, Andrea, Andrew, Dawn, Micheline, Ron, Neeta, Rachel S., Annabelle
Quality Control:
Informatics: RASS monitoring
Leads: Compliance with ABCDE Bundle
Measuring Sticks: Vent days, ICU stay, tracheostomy cases
RASS tool training, lighten up on sedation
Avoid benzodiazepines, promote analgosedation
Bedside reporting confirming current RASS score
Chest x-ray as ordered
Ensure sedation vacation and awakening trial

Respiratory Care Practitioners:
Perform breathing trials when patient is awake
ABGs as ordered

Ensure proper choice of sedatives
Avoid Benzodiazepines
Provide Nurses with PRN boluses of pain meds and sedatives

Educate through Huddle, emails, Face-to-face communication
Sedation Care Plan
Pulmonary Vent Bundle Care Plan
hoice of Sedation
elirium Management
arly Mobility
Lighten Up Sedation and Engage the Patient More
Prevent Muscle Weakness
Reorient the Patient to His Environment
correct answer
correct answer
ABCDE bundle does NOT mean automatic extubation
Still intubated but walking already!!
"The only way you can sustain a permanent change is to create a new way of thinking, acting, and being."
- by Jennifer Hudson
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