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Oldtown Golden Bears

No description

Otto Kerler

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Oldtown Golden Bears

Revitalization of Oldtown Athletics
Changes in the "New Era"
Better representation/addition of sports teams.
Academic Achievement Policy
Better funding in the athletics department.
No tryouts, tougher conditioning program/drills.
Increasing pay to play and football dues
Health and Safety Concerns
One week heads up football
camp for the football team.

Riddell 360

Won't come right away, but
over time there is a plan.

Being a Perennial Winner
Hire new coaches

Improve our youth team development efforts

Incorporate a new play calling system

New regulations in order to choose
who is on the team.

Less political

The New Era
The name and logo of the school will be changed

Old Name: Oldtown Dayhawks

New Name: Oldtown Golden Bears
Booster Clubs
Developing our Booster Club

Booster Clubs will control amount
spent on team per year

New Uniforms will be funded
by the Booster clubs and the
Booster clubs only.

It may take years before all
uniforms are funded and received.
Addition of Sports Teams

Rule: In order to authenticate a sports team at Oldtown High School that sport must be played at the club level for a minimum of two years and then be approved by the athletic department

Fundraiser Agreement
By accepting a position to any Oldtown Golden Bears .athletic team you are also agreeing to participating in no less than 5 fundraisers.
Athletics Dues
As a member of any Oldtown Golden Bears athletic team/program, you are required to provide some type of funding directly related to the program not including pay to play

Freshmen dues: $200
Sophomore dues: $150
Junior dues: $100
Senior dues: $50
Tougher Conditioning Program
Varsity athletes are required to attend at least TWO WORKOUTS per week.

Exceptions: Doctors, vacation, notify your advisor if any of these pertain to you.
Academic Achievement Policy

If a student is failing a class or has an overall
average of less than 70 he or she is not allowed to participate in a school related sport/club until their grades are improved

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