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Secret sport

No description

Marco Isoni

on 15 June 2010

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Transcript of Secret sport

Secret Sport Basketball Elements needed to play Basketball 1.Ball 2.Hoop 3.Field of basketball 4.Players Marker: the goal of each team is to introduce the balon in the basket of equipment, the team that has noted the increased number of points in the normal time or supplementary must be the winner. Duration: conform to 4 quarters of 10 minutes each, having a break between them. The dimensions are 15 meters wide by 28 long and the rim to a height of 2.30 m off of 1.30 meters on the baseline. Arbitrators: the referee decide whether there is a lack or violation within the party. Fouls: it is an illegal action that a player commits to another of the team, taking each player a maximum of 5 fouls per game. There are four types of fouls. techniques,antideportivas, offensive and defensive, they can be penalised with free kicks. MARCO ISONI I like your presentation Marco but you must be careful with your English. Don't
translate everything using google! Make it simple but YOURS. Your photos also
need to be opened completely before pasting them, si no, no son claros...
I am happy to see you have done this alone! Sue
Mark: 9
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