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Design argument

No description

Joshua Dark

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Design argument

What can you remember about Aquinas and Paleys design argument? Write down everything you can remember. The Design Argument What theory is Darwin most famous for? Darwin's criticism Darwin and the origin of Species Darwin's theory of natural selection as outlined in 'on the origin of species' is used as an argument against the Teleological argument. How do you think Darwin's theory of natural selection is used as an argument against the Teleological argument? Theory of Natural Selection Darwin's theory explains why the world appears designed but doesn't necessarily need a designer. Hume's Criticism Although Darwin's theory of natural selection provides a natural reason for the appearance of design in the world it does not however invalidate the Teleological argument Hume suggests that to argue convincingly that the world has a designer one must first show that other worlds have designers. This however is the only world we know, so we have no reason to assume that worlds have designers. Mill's Criticism He argued that nature is fundamentally cruel, and that progress was made only at the cost of immense suffering. He pointed out that murder, rape and theft are quite 'natural' in the animal kingdom, then is it really possible to argue that nature is the result of an intelligent designer? Mill's Criticism Outline the design argument and its criticisms.
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