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Prometheus & Pandora

No description

Carly Neale

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Prometheus & Pandora

Greek Mythology
What about the fire?
Pandora "All Giver"
The Mycenaeans
Works Cited
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An Introduction
of Characters
He gave fire to mankind. That he stole from Heaven.
The god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods.
The mortal of stunning beauty created by Zeus
to punish man. She was given many gifts; "Pandora's Box".
Pandora is the wife of...
He is the brother of...
Prometheus and Epimetheus also have another brother....
Atlas led a battle of Titans against Zeus.
He was punished by having to hold up the Heavens for many years.
Atlas was a Titan god.
Prometheus and Epimetheus were orignally Titans, but chose to fight on Zeus' side.
Zeus was part of the Olympian Gods.
The Titans were overruled by the Olympians.

Titans vs. Olympians
Created by Zeus, out of spite of Prometheus
Was a gift to the mortals
Each god gave her a trait to make her "special" and "loved"
Zeus sent her to Epimetheus (who rejected her at first, due to his brother's warning)
Epimetheus married her once he knew of his brother's fate
Epimetheus gave her the infamous "Pandora's Box"
She longed to open it, and when she did all evil flew out
The Mycenaens worshiped Earth Gods, Pandora included
Pandora brought life and hope to their lands... (Leeming 178)
"I bring you wonder, curiosity, memory. I bring you wisdom. I bring you justice with mercy. I bring you caring and communal bonds. I bring you courage, strength, endurance. I bring you loving kindness for all beings. I bring you the seeds of peace."
- Pandora
(Leeming 178)
These evils were things like sickness known to man now.
Prometheus was "stuck in the box" once it was opened. (Leeming 177)
He was the wise of the Titans
Foresaw that the Titans would lose, and fought with Zeus in the war Titans vs. Olympians (Leeming 176)
Zeus thought highly of mortals
He stole fire for them from the Heavans (Zeus had orignally fought against the idea of giving fire to humans--saying "Let them eat their flesh raw!") (Leeming 177)
He was punished for eternity... (Leeming 177)
A large bird would pick and gnaw at his liver everyday. His liver would regenerate daily, making the pain everlasting. (Leeming 177)
Prometheus had the power of foresight, while his brother Epitemtheus had the power of afterthought.
He was trained by Gods while he was under Zeus--where he took some skills. (Atsma)
He created humankind out of mud.
Athena breathed life in them.
Athena is the daughter of Zeus. (Atsma)
Why did Prometheus steal the fire?
He took pity among humans, he had trained them in the past.
He believed it would better humankind.
Is this similar to Eve and the forbidden fruit?
The snake (presumably Satan) had tempted Eve to steal the fruit from the forbidden tree. (Hendel)
Zeus was completely against giving fire to humankind--Prometheus went out of his way to steal fire. (Leeming 177)

"Satan" tempted Eve to prove that mortals were not god-like by tricking them into disobedience. (Hendel)
Prometheus believed that mortals deserved fire.
Remember - Prometheus wasn't a god.
He was a Titan who would help humans.
Said that Pandora was "the source of all human misery (Leeming 177)
Since the box did hold all evils known to humans, this make sense

c. 1600 BC – c. 1100 BC
within the last phase of the
"Bronze Age" in Ancient Greece
Called the Bronze Age due to their use of iron, alloy bronze, and other ways of urban living at the time.
Notable Traits
Known as warriors
Often used stones as weapons
Greatly believed in the Gods
Often prayed to them
They kept record of their way of life by writing items down
Their records indicate that they followed Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Artemis, Hermes, Dionysus, Potnia, and Athena.
As well as....
Olympian God
God of the sky, lightning, thunder, law, order, justice (Atsma)
Disliked mortals
Did not believe in giving mortals anything
Became enraged when Prometheus stole fire
Created Pandora out of revenge
Originally a Titan
Joined the Olympians
Had the power of foresight (Atsma)
Was taught by Gods; learned many other skills
Created humankind; wanted to better them
Taught mortals many skills; gave them fire
Punished by Zeus for stealing the fire
(Leeming 176)
(Leeming 177)
(leeming 177)
(Leeming 175)
(Leeming 176)
(Leeming 175-176)
("Creation of Man by Prometheus." )
(Leeming 177)
Pandora in Different Eyes
Jane Harrison
Stated that Pandora was "in reality an earth goddess as well" (Leeming 178)
Hence, meaning of Pandora's name, "All-Giver"
("MYCENAEAN AGE (600 - 1100 BC).")
("MYCENAEAN AGE (600 - 1100 BC)."
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