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Fabrice Starzinskas

on 22 February 2010

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Transcript of Nixon

Prepared by :

Sasha Depouilly
Laura Perez
Pierre-yves Sage
Fabrice Starzinskas
Lora Tontale Our plan #1 / About the Company Our plan #1 / About the Company #2 / When design
comes from lifestyle Our plan #1 / About the Company #2 / When design comes from lifestyle #3 / product analysis Our plan #1 / About the Company #2 / When design comes from lifestyle #3 / product analysis #4 / Design DNA :
more than " pretty"
products #1 / About the Company Founded in by Andy Laats &
Chad DiNenna 1997 The youth lifestyle market. Nixon began with a small line of watches now implanted in 25 countries. Purchased
in 2006 by $54,6 Millions for “Bring world class design to the world
one Nixon Watch at a time.”
Nixon's goal: Nixon Surf Challenge:
Favorite surfing spot in
Europe by invited riders

“Refreshing change".
Watch models:
Various styles and classes Men/ Women/ Elite classes. Watches have been taken out of production Earphones & Headphones: Good lightweight
and stylish design Criticized for their comfort and bass #2 / When design
comes from lifestyle Communicative values “Nixon is most successful when reinterpreting
classic forms with a modern mix of contemporary
fashion and our action sports heritage…”
Director of products and design PRO RIDERS = LEAD USERS « Our team push back the frontiers in skateboard,
surf and snowboard, and we listen to them”
Andy Laats #3 / product analysis Uncluttered design

Mix of classical/futurist ideas

The ROTOLOG The RUBBER PLAYER Old fashioned design

Recent materials

One little detail
Based on a
classic model
of the firm Design influence #2 / When design
comes from lifestyle «We make the little shit better.
The stuff you have that isn’t noticed
at first, but can’t be ignored.»
A few QUOTES “Nixon hand picks those riders that are leaders
in their sports and works with this elite group
to make sure their perspectives contribute to
a single unified expression: team designed,
custom built.” “Some people look at professional skateboarders,
surfers, and snowboarders and mistakenly think
they know what they're looking at. Their actions
are focused on perfecting their sports, but their
interests and style are anything but focused.
Their perspectives are unique, yes, but their
needs are universal. It is our job to reconcile
the former with the latter.”
from Need for quality : quartz, ceramic, metal, and rubber « Effortlessly coolstyle vibe » according to wikio.com Ranges from casual through to dressy A variety of models also very funky and eclectic Not only sports purposes but also associated to Urban wear
Noddy ? #4 / Design DNA :
more than " pretty"
products When design does way more than just... design who said a watch needs needles ? Design everywhere Any question ? design /// Fabrice Starzinskas
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