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Eve Online in a Nutshell

No description

Graham McGregor

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Eve Online in a Nutshell

What is EVE? Spaceship MMORPG
Emergent Sandbox
Single server Life Cycle in EVE Buy & Sell Destroy Harvest Build EVE Universe No. of Known Star Systems:
5,431 Estimated Wormhole Space Systems:
2,498 Plane Area:8,500 sq LY The Review Part Strong Points Weak Points Beautiful Graphics

Don't need an amazing computer to run EVE

Single shard Sandbox - Endless Possibilities

Real Consequences, Real sense of Achievement

10 years old and still thriving

Dedicated and Passionate Community

Close feedback loop with Game Devs Learning Curve

Not for twitch gamers All items in EVE are built by players
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