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Clash Of Clans

By Theodore Aresti

Theodore Aresti

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of Clash Of Clans

Clash Of Clans
Why it's good
Clash of clans is good because the game keeps you entertained and it is really exciting. Its good because you and your friends can chat donate troops (people) and see each others village.
The Awesome
The awesome features of clash of clans are collecting money from gold mines, collecting elixir from elixir collectors and stealing money from your worst enemies. And you can buy a barbarian king to attack with and defend with so with the archer queen who has a modified x-bow to shoot 3 at one time.
What's it about
Clash of clans is about attacking the enemy and defending against other people. But when you go to sleep people will attack and take all of your resources. So you go and revenge them and get your money back. Its about getting to know your village and were to place your defenses to stop the enemy.
How to Play
All you need to do is build your village with defenses and resource collectors. As you get your town hall to higher levels you get more walls and defenses so you can win the battles. Then you will become the number 1.
Why should you play
You should play this game because it keeps you entertained and it's good if you are waiting for a game to download, to play, to waste some time but actually get stuck into the game.
Thank you for watching my presentation of clash of clans hope you enjoyed.
By Theodore Aresti
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