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Grapes of Wrath vs. Today

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Adreanna Adams

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Grapes of Wrath vs. Today

Grapes of Wrath vs. Today
During the 1930's many states went through a drought. The drought damaged many crops. Small Oklahoma families like the Joads suffered the most. The Joad Family made a living off of crops until the drought happen where they were unable to provide.
The Grapes of Wrath would be considered a foreshadow of whats to come in what's known as today as California. The reason Okies & small farm families migrated to California will be the reason future generations may leave.
California 2015
Today in 2015 water isn't being preserved in California. Water is being over used in unnecessary ways. This is cutting the farmers from the water they need to produce crops.
Migrate workers from Oklahoma were called "Okies." For years, California, Oregon and Washington had been growing. Like the Joad family, Okies went west because of boosters in California had advertised that the state offered a perfect climate and an abundance of work in the farming industry.
California 2015
Migrant farm workers are predominantly Hispanic-born sons, husbands, and fathers. Whom want to make enough money to support their families back home; feed themselves; purchase land and a home; and – like many migrant worker who came before them – ultimately return to their homeland.
The Grapes of Wrath took place in the late 1930's early 1940's. This harsh era was also during the Dust Bowl, know as the "Dirty thirties." This is when the mid-west had severe dust storms. Due to the drought farmers couldnt keep the soil down. In result this blew farmers like the Joads top soil. Preventing them to plant crops.
California 2015
California haven't suffered a severe dust storm but has a high pollution rate. Cars and factories are polluting the air, water, and fertilizer. Using these polluted materials will not only have an affect on the crops but on the soil too.
The local bank foreclosed on many farms and homes including the Joad family's. When the Joad family couldn't make a living on their farm, they couldn't afford to stay on their land.
California 2015
California does not have a high foreclosure rate like Nevada. The cost of living in California is very expensive. Slowly the foreclosure rate is climbing and will soon reach a high.
California 2015
California does offer housing and support to migrant workers. These government programs aren't called "migrant camps" but they still offer many similar assistance.
When the Joad family arrived to California they were welcomed by migrant camps. These were built by the government. Since California became over populated quickly to control jobs and living migrant camps were formed. This is where the Joad family lived to survive.
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