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Entertainment and Media in Fahrenheit 451`

No description

Lexi Leonard

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Entertainment and Media in Fahrenheit 451`

Entertainment and Media in Fahrenheit 451
Lexi, Nicole R., Nicole F.

"Selfie Syndrome"
This is an example of media addiction, teens are looking for their self confidence from their peers' feedback on Social Media.
Media Addiction
Mildred is addicted to her TV family
Quotes from Fahrenheit 451
"Will you turn the parlor off?" He asked. "That's my family." "Will you turn it off for a sick man?" "I'll turn it down." pg 49
The parlor is her T.V. family, and she puts it before her
"My 'family' is people. They tell me things: I laugh, they laugh! And the colors!" pg 73
Mildred acts as if her 'TV family' is just as important as her real family members. She is so wrapped up in it that it's hard for her to distinguish which one is more important.
These kids were bored, so to entertain themselves they attempted a drive by on someone they didn't know and was just walking down the street, keeping to himself.
"God knew, from 12 to 16, out whistling, yelling, hurrahing, had seen a man, a very extraordinary sight, a man strolling, a rarity, and simply said, "Let's get him"... that made the adventure. pg 128
Our Response
Media and entertainment addiction is a reoccurring theme in Fahrenheit 451. This is peculiar because the book was written about 60 years ago, before social media was popular. For someone to accurately predict our modern lives is a scary thought, our society could very much form into the one of the books'.
"And in her ears the little seashells, the thimble radios tamped tight, and an electronic ocean of sound of music and talk coming in, coming in on the share of her unsleeping mind." pg 12
Mildred always had these 'seashells' in her ears. This is show she entertains herself when she isn't watching the parlor. These devices are similar to modern day ear buds and headphones.
Our Poem
The fire burns,
all of the books,
My feelings turn,
and I'm starting to look,
far away out,

To forgive my sins,
forget my doubt, and conquer within.

I never thought I would feel this way, never thought I'd see the day,
Where I would want to stop this fire,
take off the fireman attire.

Maybe Faber is right, there is no point to fight,
I will forever stand my ground,
until the flames burn me down.

-Nicole Rose
In the book, technology has gained the attention and control of everyone. technology has taken the ability for people to think for themselves. Technology is apart of everyday life and the would be lost without it. Between seashells, parlors and other forms of media, people are dependent on entertainment and media. People are completely controlled and their opinions are based on whatever the T.V. tells them it should be. This makes it easy for the government to lead people to believe the craziest, like burning all books in existence.
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