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The power of me

No description

Mehrsa Naderian Rad

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of The power of me

Strength #1
I know one of my strengths are visual-spatial because I can organize the information I see, and make them into meaningful patterns and understand how they might change as they rotate and move through space.
Accommodations I would need to help me
Strength #2
Executive Function
One of my other strength is Executive Function because I’m good at planning my work and I am very organize. Also when I set a goal for myself, I will use every resource to get to my goal.
Processing Areas of Need #1 is Vocabulary
Accommodation I would need to help me
Simplify visual displays and include explicit information
-Concrete examples and resources to teach abstract concepts
-Supplement written with oral instructions
-Vocabulary supports
-Spell check, Vocabulary guide, Word list, Thesaurus, Dictionary
-Use a variety of assessment methods with low language (Written output) demands (e.g. multiple choice, short answer, visual presentation, models, charts etc.)
-Receive advance study organizers for tests
Processing areas of need #2
My second need is attention because
I have problems focusing when they are a lot of people in the classroom and talking. Also sometimes my mind floods away and I think of something that is not relevant to what we are doing
The Power Of Me
Environmental LD
One of my needs are Vocabulary, and that is because I use simple words in my sentences and oral
-Chunk output tasks with feedback after each section
-Preferential seating away from sources of noise or distraction
-Provide a variety of opportunities to demonstrate understanding
-Ensure that I understand the directions
-Provide an alternative workplace to write tests

Vocabulary reasoning:
These accommodations will help me because I understand better when information is explained to me in a simple and clear form, with all the important ideas
Attention reasoning:
These accommodations will help me because I sometimes get distracted from what the teacher says so I would need my teacher to explain it to me afterward in a simple way with all the important points
Instructional ID
Vocabulary reasoning:
These accommodations will help me because if I have a dictionary or a word list or a resource where I can find synonyms for the words I can then use the new words I learned and put them in my sentences
Attention reasoning:
These accommodations will help me because I work very well independently and somewhere quite where there’s no distraction. Therefor I can focus
Assessment LD
Vocabulary reasoning:
These accommodations will help me because I will get better marks if I bring a study guide to my tests so I can remember the words with their definition. Also
Attention reasoning:
These accommodations will help me because everyone needs a quiet place to do their tests to concentrate better, and have the directions written on a chart so you would know what to do for your assignments or tests
Hi, my name is Mehrsa and today I want to talk about my Processing areas of strength and needs, I will aso be talking about self advocacy ( how I can help my self to get better in my needs)
Self advocacy

I can help my self to be better in my vocabulary and attention by
Asking questions
Tell my teacher if something isn't working out for me (e. seating place)
Taking responsibility for my actions
Get know my strengths and weaknesses
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