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Lincoln Electric: Venturing Abroad Case Study

No description

Kate Burklow

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Lincoln Electric: Venturing Abroad Case Study

Lincoln Electric: Venturing Abroad Case Study
Founded in 1895 by John C. Lincoln
Home in Cleveland, Ohio
First machine for arc welding
James F. Lincoln established "incentive management"
Brief History
Cultural differences
Learning and sharing of knowledge
Company volunteer day
Ethnocentric to Polycentric Management
New job description - international manager
Send U.S. managers to international facilities
Surveys with a rating scale and comment box
Quantitative and qualitative
Capital and units produced
fluctuations in costs/revenues
Decreased overhead
Piecework pay
Large year-end bonuses
Guaranteed employment
Limited benefits
Incentive Management
Motivation of Company
Volunteer Program
Cultural Differences
Recruiting process
International Training
Team 12 - Kate Burklow, Sara Heck, Dan McIlhattan, and Mike Smith
2 Main Problems
Cultural differences and motivation
Determines the expansion and future
Steps for Volunteer Program
Employees interests and needs
Surveys, Scout Activities
Set goals
Structure and policies
Choose who to help
Award program for employees
Cultural Difference Actions
Recruitment Process
Application/job listing
Make it clear they need international managers
International Training
Mandatory 1 year shadow program
Polycentric Theory
Drawbacks: large-scale, expensive
Allow for conversion to graphic format
Visual representation of action plans effects
Graphs can display multiple currencies.
Easy to understand regardless of nationality
Crossing the Language Barrier
Wrap Up
Cultural differences causing problems
Lack of motivation
Volunteer Programs
Improved recruitment process
International training programs
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