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ASBDC 2012 - Marketing to Established Businesses

Adrianne Gordon, NC SBTDC

Adrianne Gordon

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of ASBDC 2012 - Marketing to Established Businesses

ASBDC 2012

Adrianne Gordon, MBA
NC SBTDC at Western Carolina University, Asheville Marketing to Established Businesses : having been in existence for some time You are here Challenges
Lack of major industry
No regional webpage
Existing client load
Some staff resistance Regional Center Advantages
Creative team
Willing to take risks
Center IC for tracking
New SBTDC brand
Updated statewide brochures & website
Trade show set-up
Annual planning retreat Regional Center The Mission Increase # of clients with 10+ employees

Increase total hours of counseling provided to this group

Clients in every county The Plan Target Markets
past & current clients
referral sources
new clients

Leveraged expertise within staff
Divided goals among staff
Relied on experienced counselors The Plan - 2
Get the most mileage out of existing marketing tools

Measure via Center IC

Promote "new" services & offerings for this segment Not widely used
Apply to existing business or owner needs
Provides depth of service
Tied to impact metrics “New” Offerings Example – Business Plan Basics 1.5 hour group training

Audience – never written a business plan

Attendees – usually pre-venture, 1 – 3 employees

Content – sections of a business plan, tips for writing, resources for market & competition research Example Worksheet Our Examples
Financial analysis (ProfitCents)

Government contracting

Goal setting/tactical planning counseling

Website reviews Existing Clients
Initial outreach
Center IC list from past 2 years
Consistent counselor
Emphasize “new” offerings
Discuss plans for coming year (if timely) New Clients Targeted
Asked clients and partners for connection to specific companies (leveraging existing clients & referral sources)
Read the paper – cold & warm calls to companies

Event selection – have to be at the right place
Use examples & successes in materials that will resonate Referral Sources
Agencies, organizations & businesses
working with your target group
Relationship based
Ask for joint calls
Promote “new” services Recap to this Point Mission – 10+ employees, more clients, more hours, 1 in every county

“New” services identified

Initial outreach to existing clients
Check-in calls, offer “new” services, goal planning

Referral sources
Joint calls requested, education on “new” services

Message – “In response to the economy…” Follow-up
& Tools Other ideas? Events & Trade Shows Our Results Questions? Thank you!

(828) 251-6025 ext 23 The Mission Increase # of clients with 10+ employees

Increase total hours of counseling provided to this group

Clients in every county
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