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Wolfgang Keller at Königsbräu-TAK (A)

No description

Liesl Morris

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of Wolfgang Keller at Königsbräu-TAK (A)

Wolfgang Keller at Königsbräu-TAK (A)

The Options
Option 1
: Fire Brodsky
do not offer annual raise
Either decision ensures his exit

Option 2
: Aid Brodsky in improving his performance [i.e. micromanage]

Option 3
: Reorganize the office around Brodsky to compensate for his inadequacies
The Conflict
Analysis: Actors' Strengths

Productive / Action Oriented
Good mentor [staff he brought into company (Zelenko)]

Highly skilled / experienced {analytical skills/ English speaker}
Performance improved over past year

Analysis: Actors' Weaknesses
Little effort towards building relations with Brodsky
Poor constructive feedback

Career Choice [does not focus on personal strengths]
Little effort towards assimilating into work-place culture
Lacks respect for Keller
Written by,
John J. Gabarro
Presented by,
Ignacio Acha, Yousra Dahhou, Eduardo Goncalves, Julia Lagos,
Liesl Morris, Vsevolod Panteleev, & Prasoon Sinha
Restructure Sales & Marketing to Adapt to Brodsky's Work Style
Our Analysis Structure:
First, the factors
Second, our deductions & forecast
Third, ask the audience
Our Analysis
Option 1:
Keller fires Brodsky = Loss of talent

Option 2:
Not productive to continuously work around Brodsky

Option 3: Separate Sales & Marketing Division
Create atmosphere to retrieve optimal performance from employees
Our Forecast

+ Brodsky: Head of Marketing

+ Zelenko: Head of Sales
>"Stretch Responsibilities" {Hill, L., 1994}

Open for Discussion:
1. Would your solution differ from ours?

2. How would you improve relations between Brodsky & Keller?
+ Communication Terminals between Keller & Brodsky {both accountable}

> Collaboration & Setting of Goals

+ Effort to understand each others' skill sets, strengths, & weaknesses

> Be aware & proactive to reach an accord
The Division
Our Forecast (cont.)
Necessary Action:
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