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Copy of Campus Recreation

No description

Geoff Kennedy

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Campus Recreation

Astin's Theory of Involvement Student Success Leisha History of Campus Recreation Campus Recreation Leisha Cavallaro
Geoffrey Kennedy
Ryan Wingers What is Campus Recreation? NIRSA Impact of Campus Rec Recruitment Our Stories Wingers Geoff #'s at Georgia Southern Facilties Future of Campus Rec Jobs in Campus Rec The RAC University division that devotes space, time and resources to allow students to participate in various activities such as informal recreation, intramurals and outdoor adventure program Define Campus Recreation and provide History
Importance and Impact
Campus Recreation at Georgia Southern
Employment and Careers
Future of Campus Recreation Retention Student Recreation Center “aids in the development of the whole person by providing opportunities to recreate, relax, relieve stress and renew perspective” As the amount of student involvement in a university increases, the amount of student learning that takes place will also increase. Participation in intercollegiate athletics and intramural sports is related to students’ satisfaction with campus life. 93% 11 million students use rec facilities 1.1 million intramural contests $4 billion between 2008 - '13 Fusion buildings Changing demographics ecreation Participation in recreational sports is a key determinant of college satisfaction, success, recruitment, and retention. ctivity enter 170 part-time students to serve 13,756
First facility for recreation specific in 1920s - U of Michigan and Ohio State Aquatics Intramurals Southern Adventures Fitness Club Sports CRI users 1st year GPA = 3.06
Non-users GPA = 2.73 CRI users 6 year graduation rate = 53%
Non-users 6 year graduation rate = 33% 16,824 visitors
84% 558,818 visits Administrative Realm Evidence dating back to 1760, foot race recorded in memoirs First documented intramural activity was at a baseball game at Princeton in 1857. First building 1896 opened Houston Hall 1913 first official Recreation Department - U of Michigan full-time careers Director
Coordinator Graduate Assistantships Virtual University Gene Sherry Executive Director of Campus Recreation and Intramurals. Henchy, A. (2011). The Influence of Campus Recreation Beyond the Gym. Recreational Sports Journal, 35(2), 174-181.

Milton, P. R., Roth, L., & Fisher, W. (2011). The Future of Campus Recreation: Time for a Different Administrative Home?. Quest (00336297), 63(3), 289-299.

Stier, J. F., Schneider, R. C., Kampf, S., & Gaskins, B. P. (2010). Job Satisfaction for Campus Recreation Professionals Within NIRSA Institutions. Recreational Sports Journal, 34(2), 78-94.

Toperzer, L., Anderson, D. M., & Barcelona, R. J. (2011). Best Practices in Student Development for Campus Recreation Professionals. Recreational Sports Journal, 35(2), 145-156. References Over 300 student employees at the RAC largest student employer on campus
Impact on campus
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